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Time4Learning Demos

Bike Fun and Maintenance For Kids



Bike Games
The games here are either java, shockwave, or small downloads.

Plan a Bicycle Rodeo
The goal is to empower young cyclists with a minimal set of skills for on-road riding. To teach them a small subset of the rules of the road sufficient to keep them safe. How well this works is open to debate.

Learning and Earning Badges

Boy Scout Cycling Merit Badge
Requirements for this badge are a good outline for anyone wanting to master safe cycling.

Cub Scout Bicycling
Skills to learn to get the belt loop and sports pin.

Teaching a Kid (and Adult) to Ride a Bicycle
Contemporary specialist advocates an alternative method which separates learning the skills to ride a bike so that the learning doesn’t have to master everything at once.


Bicycle Maintenance Guide and Riding Tips
This little manual is intended as a summary of what I have learned over the years. I am not a professional mechanic. All of what I say here is the result of personal experience and opinion.

Bicycle Science 
How does a bicycle work? Learn all about the science behind the simple working of a bicycle.

Science of Cycling
Why fat or thin tires? Why do gear ratios matter? Knowing these things will help you cycle farther and faster with more ease.


Northern California High School Mountain Bike Racing League
When Coach Mark was helping draft the Bylaws, as a homeschooling father, he made sure that homeschoolers were not excluded like they are in every other CIF governed the high-school sport. The rules have evolved over time but basically, allow homeschoolers to form County-based composite teams.


Bicycle Safety Activity Kit
Bicycles are fun and provide great transportation but they can also be risky. Make sure you know all about bicycle safety before hitting the road!

Locking Your Bike
Tips on making your bike as close to theft-proof as can be. From the National Bike Registry.

How do Reflectors Work
You can find reflectors on bicycles, stop signs, driveway posts, and many other things but how do they work?

Teach Your Child Well: Bicycle Safety Issues
The attitudes parents instill in their child now will help to determine how he or she will ride for years to come. If parents work at it from the beginning, if they teach their child as if his or her life depends on these lessons — which it does — then they will feel more confident when their kids ride down the road.