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Free Latin Resources for Kids

Free Online Resources for Learning Latin at Home

Latin for Children - Free Resources
By: Mindy Scirri

There are many reasons for your child to learn Latin.  Among others, Latin can help your child better understand science, math, law, and even the English language!  Many of our English words are Latin or have Latin roots, so studying Latin can help your child expand his or her vocabulary and even do better on standardized tests.  Most schools no longer teach Latin, but for homeschoolers, Latin is a viable option.  Latin for homeschoolers can be tricky, though, because not everyone in the homeschool networks is doing it.  You may feel less supported than with other more traditional subjects.

Latin for children, in general, can be challenging because the language is no longer used conversationally.  Kids who study Latin are not seeing it on signs and billboards, and they are not hearing it at the dinner table.  They can’t watch Latin television or find social networks to practice speaking Latin.  As a parent, especially if you never learned Latin, you may realize the benefits of learning the language but wonder, “How do I teach my child Latin?”  Wouldn’t you love to find online Latin classes for homeschoolers or even just some activities to support your instruction?  Luckily, we have researched some free online resources to help you.  

Continue reading to discover websites, apps, and games focused on learning Latin for kids:

Free Latin Websites for Beginners

Free Latin Websites for Advanced Learners
Free Latin Apps

Free Latin Games

Free Latin Websites for Beginners

If your child is new to the language, it may be overwhelming.  Here are some websites that start with the basics:

Latin’s Not So Tough! Word of the Month
Can you think of some English words that have the same sounds and similar meaning? Is there a Latin root to those words? Check out the word of the month and the English words that come from that Latin word. 

Latin for Children - Free Resources

Learn 101: Learn Latin
“I would like to welcome you to the Latin lessons. I’m here to help you learn Latin, by going step by step. All the lessons contain audio and are all offered for free. We will learn the alphabet together. We will also review some simple grammar rules, practice common phrases, and we will have fun memorizing many important vocabulary lists, and everything else that you see below. You can either choose a random lesson below or start with me lesson by lesson.”

Learn a Language: Learn Latin
“If you want to learn Latin, you’ve come to the right place! This website has all the basics you need for free!” Choose from categories like words, verbs, phrases, dictionary, and culture to get started.

Learn Languages Online: Free Latin Language Lessons
Learn Latin online with grammar tutorials, vocabulary lessons, practice exercises and more.



Free Latin Websites for Advanced Learners

If your child has been studying Latin for a while, he or she may need more challenging materials.  These websites offer more advanced Latin learning:



Allen and Greenough’s New Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges
Here is a complete Latin textbook online with 642 chapters that can be used as individual lessons.

Dr. Keith Massey’s Latin Resources
This site contains a number of resources posted by Dr. Keith Massey, a Latin teacher for over a decade.  Find Latin tutorials, quotes, conversational Latin resources (“a five-phase vocabulary-based program for gaining a functional speaking ability”), and Latin songs.

Experience Latin with Fr. Reginald Foster
Fr. Gary Coulter shares his experiences learning Latin from Fr. Reginald Foster, known as the “Pope’s Latinist.” The “First Experience” begins with lower-level Latin, and then level 2 continues with the “Third Experience.” Access 96 Sermons of Pope Leo the Great recorded in Latin, as well as Fr. Foster’s Vatican Radio program. “With just a little memorization, Fr. Foster teaches you Latin from the dictionary. So find a good Latin dictionary, and you are ready to get started.”

Latin For Mountain Men
“Here are two dozen short lessons on learning Latin designed for “mountain men” (and women: montani montanaeque), engineers, philosophers, and anyone else looking for entertainment and with lots of free time by the campfire…. You need nothing else than these lessons, and a little enthusiasm, to learn serious Latin.” 

Latin Online (The University of Texas at Austin, Linguistics Research Center)
Here you will find an introduction to their Latin series, followed by lessons and grammar points. As a college resource, this is written for the mature learner of Latin.

Latin WikiBook
This is an open source Latin course, which means that people edit and improve it freely. Browse the introduction; chapters on basic sentences, complex sentences, advanced sentences, and the subjunctive mood and complex sentences; a review; test chapter; and appendices. 

Study Guide to Wheelock’s Latin
Wheelock’s Latin is now, and probably will be for some time in the future, the most widely used introductory Latin book used in American colleges and universities. This site is a study guide to accompany the textbook and contains chapter summaries, as well as a Preamble and Preface by the author of the study guide, Dale A. Grote. You can use these study guide materials as a supplement to any Latin study.



Free Latin Apps

While you may be able to learn other languages easily through popular apps like Rosetta Stone and Babbel, Latin is not available on either.  While Latin is available on the also popular Duolingo, you may be looking for something specific to Latin.  Check out these free apps for learning Latin:

Latin Trainer
“The Latin Trainer is supposed to help you to be able to translate the Latin vocabulary, whether it is the declension or the conjugation of the Latin language. Through the structure of different sections, categories, and subcategories, it shows the easiest way of learning and memorizing vocabulary. In addition, the Latin Trainer offers an individual statistic, that prevents you from further mistakes.”

Latin Wisdom
“Have you always wanted to know the language of Julius Caesar, understand Cicero’s wisdom and to know the strength of the ancient Roman gladiators, but you do not know how to formulate a genitive and ablative absolute? Then Latin Wisdom is what you need! Do not worry about learning thousands of complicated rules of grammar and syntax, let Latin Wisdom do the dirty work for you! Latin Wisdom brings on your phone all the wisdom of ancient Rome, letting the nice Caio lead you into the discovery of Roman culture!”

Latin Word of the Day
“Latin Word of the Day is a Latin study tool designed to help you learn a new Latin word every day. Learning a new word every day is a simple and fun way to improve your language skills without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed. Missed yesterday’s word? Want to take a sneak peek at what’s going to come tomorrow? Use the Previous/Next buttons to freely navigate through the full list.”

Learn Latin Free
“Learn the Latin language and use this application to speak and communicate in Latin. Can be used by tourists or people who want to learn Latin.” It can be used without Internet and is designed for both beginners and advanced users.



Free Latin Games

Why not learn Latin in a fun way?  Here are some free Latin games to play while learning:

Latin Tongue Twisters
Can you say “Bonum nomem, bonum omen” three times fast? Click to find the rough translations for each of the tongue twisters
 to learn even more Latin vocabulary.

Latin Trivia and Quizzes (FunTrivia)
Try these 30 fun games that will help broaden your Latin vocabulary for modern uses.

Latin Word Search Puzzle
Print out this 30-word Latin vocabulary game and enjoy.

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Know of any other free Latin resources for kids?  Add them in the comments section below.


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