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Grammar For Homeschooling the English Language

*This post contains affiliate links. Items purchased through our links may earn us a commission.

Beginner’s Grammar Lessons for Free

Grammar Gorillas
Our friends, the Grammar Gorillas, need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. And you know, a gorilla with a banana is a gorilla with appeal. <groan>

Grammar Songs
To help you learn the parts of speech. Cue cards and posters also available to print out.

Intermediate English Grammar

Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Free lessons, exercises with answers, and tests.

Common Errors in English
Here’s a list of some words, which are often used incorrectly. Includes short explanations and exercises. Click on any word in a list to go to the exercise.

A Cup of English
A blog with interesting stories, with grammar notes at the end of each story. Podcasts available for those who’d like to hear the stories.

William Safire’s humorous list of things to remember while you are writing. You may want to print this out and put over your writing table. An Example: Don’t use no double negatives.

Advanced English Grammar

The Sense of Style

The Sense of Style
The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century
by Steven Pinker
In this short, cheerful, and eminently practical book, Pinker shows how writing depends on imagination, empathy, coherence, grammatical know-how, and an ability to savor and reverse engineer the good prose of others. He replaces dogma about usage with reason and evidence, allowing writers and editors to apply the guidelines judiciously, rather than robotically, being mindful of what they are designed to accomplish. Filled with examples of great and gruesome prose, Pinker shows us how the art of writing can be a form of pleasurable mastery and a fascinating intellectual topic in its own right.

Elements of Style, The
William Strunk’s classic and humorous guide to writing understandable English.

Grammar Girl Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Podcasts and transcripts on many of those little sticklers of style and word choice that can trip us all.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
A general guide recommended for teens and adults.

The Internet Grammar of English
British site, useful to everyone who is interested in the English language. IGE does not assume any prior knowledge of grammar.

King’s English, The
A complete reference on English grammar and style.

KISS Grammar Course
Free, self-paced course in English grammar and sentence structure. Recommended for high school level students.

The Snarky Student’s Guide to Grammar
We use real-life examples of grammar bloopers as a teaching tool for kids. (Don’t worry; we’re not really that snarky.)

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