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Handwriting – Teaching Cursive and Manuscript Writing

Handwriting for kids and adults. Free cursive handwriting and manuscript worksheets and fonts useful for homeschool children’s practice or teaching the D’Nealian alphabet and other handwriting styles. Great resources for improving cursive writing and learning to print neatly for both adults and children in the page below.

About Teaching Handwriting
Fonts – Styles of writing
History of Handwriting
Problems & Solutions
Software to Learn Writing
Worksheets to Improve Handwriting


About Teaching Handwriting

New American Cursive

Free Printable Handwriting Worksheets

How to Improve Handwriting Skills with Kids
Handwriting skills are an important developmental task and activity for kids. Through handwriting they are able to express themselves and communicate with the world around them. Improving their penmanship, legibility, pencil grasp, and working on problem areas are all important things that need addressed, whether you are a homeschool parent, teacher, therapist, or just supplementing your child’s classroom activities.

How to Teach Handwriting
Oversee practice so children don’t fill a page with improper work simply to finish quickly. Praise letters and words written well and have the student erase and rewrite anything unacceptable. While this may seem time-consuming, remember that it will actually take more time to undo bad habits. There are four components to handwriting, whether a child is learning to print the letters or write in cursive “joined up:”

  1. correct letter formation
  2. uniform letter size
  3. uniform slant
  4. spacing

Fonts – Styles of Writing

A font to help those who tend to reverse letters of just have a hard time telling letters apart for whatever reason. Though not designed for handwriting, you could print out worksheets in this font to help out a dyslexic child.

Educational Fontware, Inc.
EFI makes and sells D’Nealian ®-style, Zaner-Bloser ©-style, Handwriting Without Tears (TM)-style, Harcourt Brace ®-style, Peterson Directed Handwriting ©-style, McDougal, Littell ©-style, Getty-Dubay Italic (TM), SSD, and Palmer style handwriting fonts. Commercial site.

Windows true type font (.ttf) to download directly from this link. Jardotty is a dotted alphabet good for creating your own traceable handwriting worksheets. Created by Christopher Jarman. (Repaired version for Windows XP – Thank you, Jeff Welch!)

Windows true type font (.ttf) to download directly from this website. Christopher Jarman cursive handwriting font. The solid line version of Jardotty.

Kids Fonts – writing help for homeschoolers.
Whether you are homeschooling, or are just tired of the prepackaged worksheets available to early-childhood educators, Kids Fonts is here to help! Handwriting help for homeschoolers.

Learning Curve BV / Learning Curve BV Dashed
Learning Curve BV contains two versions, one is plain and the other dashed. This font also contains a set of dingbats that helps with practicing elements of cursive writing.

Print Clearly
Solid and dashed. From Blue Vinyl Fonts, which has lots of nice, free fonts for writing and other uses as well.

School Fonts
Mac & Win. Commercial. Block Letters and Cursive Handwriting typefaces enable any computer user to create exercises that follow the guidelines of the D’Nealian ® or the Zaner-Bloser ® approach and letter forming teaching techniques.

History of Handwriting

A Brief History of Penmanship
“Borrowing aspects of the Etruscan alphabet, the ancient Romans were among the first to develop a written script for transactions and correspondence. ”




Tip: When creating worksheets for lefties, put the samples across the top, not down the left side.

Anything Left-Handed – Are you left handed?
We are a group of left-handed people providing products and information to make life a bit easier for left-handers around the world and campaigning to promote awareness, acceptance and empathy for left-handers. The accident rate for left handed people is much higher than for right handed people. Also, did you know left slanted

DKL Cursive and DKR Cursive
These fonts are patterned after the handwriting methods in the workbooks “Cursive Writing Skills,” by Diana Hanbury King. Ms. King has produced both a Right-handed Edition and a Left-handed Edition.

Problems & Solutions

Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Handwriting Problems and/or Dysgraphia
Many students struggle to produce neat, expressive written work, whether or not they have accompanying physical or cognitive difficulties. They may learn much less from an assignment because they must focus on writing mechanics instead of content.

Often, dysgraphia is misunderstood. Parents and teachers may think you are lazy or that you don’t care about neatness. This means you have to try even harder to show that you do care.

Handwriting Club
Using Sensory Integration Strategies to Improve Handwriting. Students with difficulties in sensory processing, sensory awareness, and/or perceptual skills usually have handwriting problems.

Pocket Full of Therapy
Sells writing paper and graph paper with raised lines so that sensory learners can “feel” their way along as the write.

Worksheets to Improve Handwriting

Addressing Envelopes Practice
Print out these envelopes and stamps to use to practice addressing and stamping envelopes correctly.

The Amazing – Incredible Handwriting Worksheet Maker
Allows you to formulate a worksheet with your child’s name or a short sentence in any of 5 fonts, manuscript or italic.

Build a Handwriting Activity
Create your own worksheet with this form from EdHelper. Supports printing, cursive and D’Nealian.

Commercial site. Handwriting exercises to music to improve small-muscle skills and eye-hand coordination. Good for aural learners young and old.

D’Nealian alphabet worksheets
Learn and practice manuscript handwriting featuring fun coloring page images. These are suitable for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary.

Donna Young’s Handwriting Paper
A series of graded lined paper .pdf files with a wide variety of uses for free writing practice. Some have space at the top for a picture.

Jan Brett’s Alphabet Line Bulletin Board Set
Jan has such a charming set of alphabet posters, you’ll want them to decorate your room. They are in traditional, cursive and modern manuscript.

Free Handwriting Worksheet
Printable worksheets from ABC Teach.

Handwriting Practice Sheets
These sheets may be printed and reproduced by parents, guardians, and teachers for home or classroom use. Donna Young’s collection.

Handwriting Worksheets
Some pretty basic worksheets for beginning printers. One in Zaner Bloser font.

Manuscript Hand Writing
Letter introduction goes along with the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (affiliate link). On Donna Young’s site.


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