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English Literature for Teenagers

Resources by Topic of Young Adult Lit

About Literature
Books Online
Classes in English Literature
Classic Authors – by Last Name
Multicultural Literature
Reading Lists
Science Fiction

About Literature

A Brief List of Some Key Terms in Literature
As knowledge of these terms is expected on the college SATs, I thought it advisable to link this list here.

Cliffs Notes
Handy guides for helping you analyze high school english literature. Some free stuff, but you can also download inexpensive copies of their manuals.

Cummings Study Guides
For the great works of world literature. Includes the Complete Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare. Tutorials With plot summaries, themes, imagery, anaylsis, and background information.

Propaganda Critic
In a functioning democracy, all thinking citizens are entitled to consider themselves critics of propaganda. Although the author holds clearly defined political views, the site is intended to be as objective as possible, holding all sides of the spectrum up to equal scrutiny.

Books Online

Classics at the Online Literature Library
Collection of the world’s greatest literature, by author: Aesop, Brontes, Darwin, Dickens, London, Poe, Shelley, Twain, Verne, HG Wells, and more.

AP Literature
The AP English Literature and Composition course is designed to engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature. From the College Board.

Guidelines for Reading and Analyzing Literature
By Dr. Tina L. Hanlon, Associate Professor of English, Ferrum College. First Impression, Types of Literature, Literary Techniques, Themes, Evaluation and Review.

What is Effective Literature Instruction?
This study examined how experienced high school English teacher defined and gauged effective literature instruction as well as how their perspectives affected their students’ experiences with literature.

Classic Authors – by Last Name

Lewis Carroll
We hope to provide useful information for the Carroll enthusiast as well as the novice and all those in between. I was told to mention that he wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

David Perdue’s Charles Dickens Page
Childhood poverty and adversity contributed greatly to Dickens’ later views on social reform in a country in the throes of the Industrial Revolution and his compassion for the lower class, especially the children.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Detailed pages about some of Conan Doyle’s famous characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Brigadier Gerard and Professor Challenger which are linked to the full Bibliography. For those of you looking for extra information on Sherlock Holmes, visit the Sherlock Holmes pages.

Anne Frank Center, USA
Information and educational materials for students about Anne Frank, the history of the Holocaust, and discrimination today.

Doris Lessing: A Retrospective
As a youth, I enjoyed Doris Lessing’s stories about her cats and her tales of Africa especially. Long reviews here of all her writings. Select a few. I’m sure you’ll like them.

Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore
From eTexts to research, you’ll find everything you need to know about the inventor of the horror story.

Mark Twain Interactive Scrapbook
Discover the true Mark Twain through his writing and his collection of artifacts found in his scrapbook.

… more authors children love

Multicultural Literature

Literature and Life: The Givens Collection
Explore this unique collection of African-American literature and the people, ideas, and eras that the work represents.

Native American Literature
Native American literature written in the 18th and 19th century is considered a literature of transition between the oral tradition which
flourished before Europeans arrived on the continent and the beginning of the 1960’s when the Native American Renaissance began.

Storytellers: Native American Authors Online
The original web site was conceived with a very particular aim: to make the writing of modern Native American authors, particularly the poets, both more visible and more widely available. Organized by tribe.

Reading Lists

High School Reading List 
A reading list divided by grade to help your homeschooler expand their literature knowledge.

YALSA’s Teen Book Finder
A free app to help teens, parents, librarians and library staff, educators, and anyone who loves YA literature access to the past three years’ of YALSA’s awards and lists on their smartphone.

Science Fiction

Balticon Young Writers’ Contest
Sci-Fi and Fantasy writing contest for teens living in Maryland. Deadline is March 1 every year.

The Physics Of Science Fiction
In reading all of these science fiction books, Michelle had always wondered if the things that they describe could ever really happen. The simple answer to that would be: of course not, you idiot, that is why it is called science fiction.

Ray Bradbury
I had a chance to meet Ray Bradbury, a most charming and delightful man. He is best known for The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and The Illustrated Man.


Shakespeare’s Life and Times
How did Shakespeare come to be “The Bard?” Site includes links to plays in their original English.

Tales from Shakespeare
A treasure of a site! The stories of the plays. A wonderful way to prepare before actually going to see one of Shakespeare’s plays. By Charles and Mary Lamb, 1807, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1899, 1909.

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