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Literature Unit Studies I Love!

By: Courtney Newman

Unit studies are a popular choice among homeschoolers, and for many reasons!  Unit studies are, in essence, a themed study about a particular topic and everything related to that topic.  The study usually revolves around a focal point, but can jump into various aspects. For example, a unit study on Little Women may involve not only reading the book, but possibly deciphering themes from the story, learning about the author’s personal life, researching the fashion of the time, recreating popular recipes from that era, taking a field trip to a related museum, learning the political history during the book’s setting, and so on.  

Unit studies are sometimes referred to as a thematic approach or a multidisciplinary method. Unit studies are a fantastic way to combine multiple subjects into one group of lessons.  As a result, students are encouraged to view the topic as a whole rather than just as “literature” or “history.”  It’s about the big picture, not just fragments. Consequently, unit studies help the topic feel more realistic and memorable for homeschoolers.

10 Excellent Literature Unit Studies

Literature unit studies are a wonderful way to introduce your students to the wonder of reading and especially classic literature.  While literature-based studies certainly don’t need to focus on classics alone, it is a great way to study these timeless books and explore the depths of themes that may otherwise go unnoticed.  However, unit studies are great for any books on your homeschool reading list! These studies can add hands-on aspects for students who may not be strong readers, and enliven the story for a more enjoyable time.  Further, these homeschool literature study guides provide greater discussion, and therefore a more thorough understanding of the stories themselves. In the end, literature unit studies are all about sparking a fire for reading in your children!

10 Literature Unit Study Resources

Unit studies are such a popular method of instruction for homeschoolers, beyond the aforementioned benefits, because they take an experience (i.e. a journey within a story), from one format (reading) to another entirely (visual, spatial, auditory, tactile, even gustatory!).  The opportunities for exploring themes, stories, and aspects within literature are boundless.  Unit studies break down the barriers. In a sentence, they add excitement, life, and dimension!  Here are ten resources for exploring further unit studies, creating your own, or even supplementing a literature course!




The technique of combining multiple subjects into one study helps your child see the importance and impact of each subject in a themed unit.  Your student may even find themselves no longer disliking certain subjects, such as math or science, when they are combined with others in an intriguing study.  Let these unit studies help create excitement and inspire a love of learning in your homeschool!


Do you have a book you’d like a literature unit study for? Let us know in the comments below!


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