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Legends & Heroes for Kids

Ancient Amazons
Women ruled their society, and two queens, one for defense and one for domestic affairs, shared the country, but they made numerous conquest expeditions into neighboring territories.

A Beginner’s Guide to Robin Hood
Who’s who of the Robin Hood story. How the characters have changed through the ages and retellings.

Electronic Beowolf
This ancient Viking epic poem was recently made into the movie, “The 13th Warrior.”[DVD]

Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey
And so begins this tragic tale of the resourceful Odysseus, that great man, who was struck with misfortune and spent 20 years trying to make it back to his homeland of Ithaca. Take this link to travel the stories of the Odyssey and Illiad. [Buy the Book]

From King Arthur to Zorro, these legendary heros have captured the imagination of folks through the centuries.

Queen Calif
Queen Califa commanded not only Amazon forces but also an airforce of five hundred griffins, powerful creatures with the wings and head of eagles and the body of a lion. The griffins had been trained to keep California free of men and were sometimes fed human males by their Amazon keepers.

This lost Tibetan paradise is a valley cut off from the world. The wisdom of the human race is being conserved there against the threat of imminent catastrophe.

Emailed Legends

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Search for a modern legend by topic or with their seach engine. Don’t be fooled! Find out more about The Rumor Detectives

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