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Time4Learning Demos

Reptile Myths

Dragons Linkmesh
Dragon articles and lots of dragon images.

Here Be Dragons
Western dragons are usually portrayed as evil, mean, and bloodthirsty. Eastern dragons are portrayed as good, kind, and intelligent. These and other dragons of myth and reality.

Dragons Myths and Legends 1 of 4. Parts 23, and 4.

Leviathan I: The Cosmic Sea Dragon of the Bible
Can you draw out Leviathan by a fishhook? Can you press down his tongue by a rope? Can you put a ring through his nose, or pierce his jaw with a barb?….His strong scales are his pride, shut up as with a tight seal.

Loch Ness Schools workpacks and digital jigsaws
Though this site is designed for local Scottish schoolchildren, anyone in the world wanting to understand more about the legend and the research into its origins will enjoy these explorations.

Magma Dragon by nJoo

More very imaginative dragon clip art by this artist here.

Nessie on the Net! Loch Ness Monster Live Cam, Scotland
Fact or legend? You decide. You can even view the lake through their webcam. Pseudo science, but all in good fun.

Reptiles Throughout Mythology
Reptiles vary in size. Some are carnivorous and others are vegetarians. Some are dangerous and others are harmless. Yet the traits of reptiles and their habits have been utilized in the creativity and mythology of humans. By Norman A. Rubin.

Theoi Greek Mythology: Dragons
There were four types of dragon in ancient Greek mythology : the serpent Dracones, the marine Cetea, the fire-breathing Chimaera and the she-monster Dracaenae.

Top 10 Beasts and Dragons: How Reality Made Myth
Despite their differences, many of the mythical dragons found throughout the world all began as vague serpentine ideas modeled after real creatures, beginning with a snake or some other fearsome reptile. Over time, they acquired more definite and exotic shapes as they absorbed the hopes and superstitions of the local people and borrowed the traits of local animals.

Champ of Lake Champlain
Champ has been most commonly characterized as a plesiosaur, a prehistoric reptile which was thought to have been extinct for 60 to 70 million years. Some experts believe more than one plesiosaur-like creature inhabits Lake Champlain today.

Why Ireland Has No Snakes
Ireland’s land link to Britain was cut some 2,000 years earlier by seas swollen by the melting glaciers.