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Poetry Lessons, Poems For Kids

*This post contains affiliate links. Items purchased through our links may earn us a commission.

In fact, at present, only some forms of advanced science–particle physics for example–allow a young mind to experience the paradox, ambiguity, irrational thought, associative “leaping” with good poems teaches us to think and feel. Poems open those synapses in the brain. It always has. Once open, such minds can think differently in any field.
— From an Interview: The Glorious Thing with Jorie Grahamand by Mark Wunderlich on Poets.org.

Children’s Poets

10 Wonderful Children’s Poets
Find some new poets and explore some old favorites.

Children’s Bedtime Poems
Richard C. Johns has some delightful poems for you, such as The Dragon Who Played Soccer, and Monsters Don’t Live Under the Bed.

Shel Silverstein
Explore the poems of the famous Shel Silverstein, find where to buy his books, and lesson ideas to go along with his poems.

Poetry Books

GUYKU: A Year of Haiku for Boys. Poems for Boys.

GUYKU: A Year of Haiku for Boys
by Bob Raczka
Look inside for some short poems and illustrations boys will especially like. Example:
The wind and I play
Tug-of-war with my new kite
The wind is winning.




The Random House Book of Poetry for Children
by Jack Prelutsky
Funny and illuminating poems for kids personally selected by Jack Prelutsky. Featuring a wealth of beloved classic poems from the past and modern glittering gems, every child who opens this treasury will find a world of surprises and delights which will instill a lifelong love of poetry.







Origami and Haiku: Inspired by Japanese Artwork
by Nosy Crow This stunning book features three beautiful Japanese art forms in one. For each animal or object, children will be able to read the haiku, enjoy a corresponding work from the British Museum collection, and then make the origami figure! With clear, simple directions for thirteen animals or objects and fifty sheets of origami paper, this is the perfect introduction to the art of paper folding.




Book of Nature Poetry 
by J. Patrick Lewis
When words in verse are paired with the awesomeness of nature, something magical happens!







Classic Poems

The Hunting of the Snark
An Agony, in Eight Fits by Lewis Carroll. “Just the place for a Snark!” the Bellman cried, As he landed his crew with care; Supporting each man on the top of the tide By a finger entwined in his hair.

Mother Goose, Nursery Rhymes, & Children’s Songs
Not just the poems, but how to act them out and historical trivia about most of the rhymes.


Poems to Finish

How to Haiku
Worksheet. Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. It often centers around nature and natural things in the universe.

Name Poem
A Name Poem or Acrostic Poem uses a name or word to begin each line in a poem. Your poem can be your name, a name of a famous person, a sport or hobby, a state or country. You decide.


Publish Your Poetry

Favorite Poem Project
You can drum up interest in the project by organizing a reading in your town, or by encouraging a library, bookstore or civic center to host an evening of favorite poems.

KidLit Poetry Gallery
Kids, achieve fame instantly. Send us your poetic masterpiece on a computer disk (PC compatible) or by e-mail or neatly typed, and we’ll present it to all the world.

Theme Poems
Write your poem inside a familiar shape, with helpful prompts, and then print it out.

Young Poets
Original poetry written by children ages 5 -18 cartoon reviews, movie reviews, online games, literary and other fun links for kids.

Other Poetry Sites I Think You’ll Like

Stained Word Window
Here’s what happens to poetry when you combine it with the power of web programming. Run you mouse over the word on the right in any order. To get to the right frame to click on links, hold your mouse button down while moving over to it.

Young Poets’ Resources

How to Write a Poem
In order to grow as a writer, you’ve got to be willing to risk it all every time you sit down to write. You’ve got to be open and brave and curious. By Charles Ghigna, children’s poet.



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