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Time4Learning Demos

Language Arts – Free Lessons for Kids and Teens

High School English

English Composition
Yes, you can teach yourself high school-level English composition.

English Literature
Free literature and lessons on analyzing great literature.

Public Speaking
How to write and give a speech. Famous speeches. Where to learn to give a speech.

High School Word Lists
A broad set of word lists for literature, science, social studies, math, and language arts for homeschool high school students.


Books, Bountiful Books
Check out book reviews and message boards for talking about books; download books and literature online.

Books Reviews By Kids For Kids
I want to share what I read with other children or teens.

Favorite Kids’ Authors
I want to find out more about my favorite author or series.

Hogwarts Distance Learning Program for Homeschoolers
A free virtual learning webpage and email list and where you can role play that you are a student at the Hogwarts School For Wizards from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

Myths, Fables, Fairy Tales and Folklore
Moral lessons have been handed down through the ages in the forms of myth and legends.

Reading Basics
Fun sites to help build reading skills for young readers.


Learn how to spell. Lessons and dictionary links.

Word Games
Puzzles improve reading and writing skills painlessly.


Vocabulary Practice Word Lists & Activities:

Antonyms – Opposites
The concept of an opposite is basic in education and vocabulary. Later on, students can distinguish between the inverse and converse.

Antonyms Games by Grade

Compound Words
Students learn that compound words are made up of two whole words that function as a single unit of meaning, and that the two words give clues to the meaning of the compound word.

Figurative Phrases
It’s as easy as pie, it’s like riding a bike. Mastering figurative language is an important skill especially for those that are very literal minded, like young children.

Metaphors & analogies.
There are lists of metaphors to help students master the art and get familiar with some of the more common ones.

 Teacher Resources
VocabularySpellingCity’s Teaching Resources pages provide free lesson plan ideas and supplemental materials for teachers in all subject areas and grade levels.

Lists of word types.
There are many popular word types that homeschooler study which are available for use in the VocabularySpellingCity 35+ learning games such as: dolche words, fry words,  compound words,  sound-alike words, math vocabulary, science vocabulary, and heteronyms.

Vocabulary Building
Add to your vocabulary. Practice for the SAT exams.


Creative Writing
Fun ways to practice creative and essay writing, references, and giving speeches.

English grammar and punctuation lessons through fun multimedia web sites.

Help introducing children to form letters correctly as printing, italics and cursive.

Have fun writing to other kids whether they homeschool or not.

Sites that inspire poem writing in children. Places to submit your poems.

Student’s Internet Research Guide
How do you know your website research will give you credible information? Do you know how to identify the facts from the opinions? This great research guide will help you learn how to identify good resources and give you confidence when citing your sources!

References For Writers
Online reference resources for young writers such as dictionaries, thesaurus, and style guides.

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