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French for Kids

How to Find French Lesson Ideas, Free Online French Lessons, and French Teaching Materials for Your Homeschool

Homeschool French Resources
By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.  

Parlez-vous français? If you don’t speak French but want your homeschooler to learn French, you must rely on whatever is out there. Foreign language learning is important, and there are over 250 million people speaking French all over the world. The language is forecasted to grow over the next few decades, so French will be joining the ranks of Mandarin, English, and Spanish with its popularity. That makes French an important language to learn, and learning about French culture can be fun, too. Who doesn’t love French cuisine? Let’s explore where you can find French curriculum and other French teaching materials to start your French homeschooling adventure!

Homeschool French Curriculum

Homeschool French Teaching Materials 
Free Online French Lessons and Activities

Other French Homeschooling Resources

*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although most of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


Homeschool French Curriculum

What is the best homeschool French curriculum? Going to France would probably be most effective, but many of us are not able to plan a field trip to Paris right now. Quel dommage! In the absence of real native speaker experiences, you need to find a curriculum that works for your child. Here are some possibilities:

The 100+ Series: French Workbook, Grades 6-12 $
By Danielle Degregory (Author)
The book includes over 100 pages of reproducible activities for learning to speak and write French, with categorized topics such as telling time and dates, vocabulary, common expressions, and more. An answer key is also included. […] Students learn and practice French with hands-on activities and exercises. Students learn to tell time, formulate sentences, conjugate verbs, pose and answer questions, and more―all while learning about French-speaking culture.”



Breaking the French Barrier $
“The Homeschool Package offers a complete curriculum, and it is available in three levels – Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level is the equivalent of a full-year’s worth of French, providing all you need to master the language. The package includes: Student Edition book (hardcopy); Answer Key Booklet (hardcopy); French Oasis (hardcopy); Test Program (hardcopy); Pacing Guide (hardcopy); Online Access Code for interactive book with audio, video, and flashcards.”

Carson Dellosa Skill Builders French 1 Workbook – Grades K-5 $
By Carson Dellosa Education (Author)
Help your kindergarten—fifth grade students form a solid foundation and understanding of the French language through engaging activities and lessons within Carson Dellosa’s French I Workbook. […] The French workbook includes 80 perforated pages of engaging reproducible activities for French language learning, basic French vocabulary, culture, and more. A fun French word search is included as well as an answer key.”

Getting Started with French: Beginning French for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age $
By William E. Linney (Author), Brandon Simpson (Author)
“What’s preventing you from teaching French in your homeschool or learning it on your own? If you’re intimidated because you’ve never studied French, bewildered by traditional French books that move too fast, or just don’t know where to begin, then Getting Started with French is for you! Specifically designed to overcome these types of obstacles, Getting Started with French is divided into simple lessons that explain the fundamentals of French grammar in a way that anyone can grasp.”

Learn French: 6 Books in 1 (Audible Audiobook) $
By Dupont Language Institute (Author, Publisher), Laetitia Valstar (Narrator)
You are about to discover the easiest way to learn French with the best set of resources in existence! This audiobook includes Learn French for Beginners, Learn French for Intermediate Users, Learn French for Advanced Users, French Short Stories for Beginners, French Short Stories, Speak French. This six-in-one book […] will teach you everything you need to know about learning French, from complete basics to the advanced stuff!”

Muzzy French | BBC $
“Developed by the BBC, Muzzy has an over 30-year history of success teaching millions of children around the world. Muzzy’s simple and effective program teaches languages through fun and animated stories featuring Muzzy and friends. Each lesson has reinforcement learning tools including online games, printable flashcards & printable worksheets. MUZZY’s online language program is available on all devices and anywhere there is an Internet connection, with no downloads required.”

Time4Languages | Time4Learning $
“Time4Languages are online foreign language courses available to active Time4Learning members for an additional fee. Powered by Rosetta Stone®, an award-winning language learning program, Time4Languages helps students learn another language using a fun, interactive approach. Time4Languages courses allow students to learn another language without memorization or even translation. Students learn in an easy-to-follow, self-paced method. In fact, the program teaches a new language in a way similar to how they learned their first language. […] Time4Languages is flexible like Time4Learning! Students have the option to repeat activities as often as needed and skip around based on their skill-level.”



Universal Language Acquisition Tool (ULAT) – French $
“The first 15 lessons of the ULAT are provided for you free of charge to enable you to try out the program for yourself. Afterward, if you would like to continue and access the remaining nearly 300 lessons, you can […] subscribe.”


Homeschool French Teaching Materials

To broaden and deepen your child’s French homeschooling experience, you may want to find additional French teaching materials. Supplementing with these French teaching resources will have your homeschooler on the way to speaking and writing French like a native:

2000 Most Common French Words in Context $
By Lingo Mastery (Author)
“Did you know that — according to an important study — learning the top two thousand (2000) most frequently used words will enable you to understand up to 84% of all nonfiction and 86.1% of fiction literature and 92.7% of oral speech? Those are amazing stats, and this book will take you even further than those numbers!”

Easy French Phrase Book $
By Lingo Mastery (Author)
Most textbooks are made to teach you the traditional rules and structures of a language and are great for getting around the grammar and spelling questions you may have. However, how many of them provide you the tools necessary to have a common conversation with a best friend or someone you’ve just met? Not many at all. […] For this reason, we at Lingo Mastery have developed Easy French Phrase Book: Over 1500 Common Phrases for Everyday Use and Travel for you, our favorite language-learner, so that you may find the best expressions for common usage in France and communicate with your French friends, colleagues, and clients without any issue!”

French Picture Dictionary Coloring Book $
By Lingo Mastery (Author)
“Over 50 different, detailed, and beautiful full-size illustrations for you to learn while coloring them! Each of these 50 illustrations contains up to 20 items, by the way – that’s almost 1,000 images for you to color! […] Challenging quizzes found every few sections will allow you to develop your French skills even further; if you don’t know the answers, we’ve provided an Answer Key at the end! Just to get started, we’ve added an in-depth basic French guide at the beginning, including pronunciation, spelling, word order and vocabulary, among other crucial tools. This book will transform French learning for good – no more complex textbooks, it’s time to learn while having fun!”

French Words and Phrases You Need to Know $
By Theodore Kendris, Ph.D. (Author)
Learn the most common French words and phrases with two sets of flashcards. Barron’s French Words and Phrases You Need to Know includes more than 400 flashcards with the 201 most common words and the 201 most common phrases. […] With French Words You Need to Know, you’ll get a sample sentence to provide the word in context, plus helpful tips for word usage. Words are organized in color-coded categories, including nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, and tricky words.”

Intermediate French Short Stories $
By Lingo Mastery (Author)
The best part of learning a new language is experiencing the culture and diving into activities that will enrich your life and vocabulary. The best way to learn a new language is by reading, and in this French book you will find yourself turning page after page to get to the end of each captivating story that will engage your mind and help you improve your French.

Type French Accents
“This page allows you to easily type French accents and other French characters without a French keyboard. You can edit your text in the box and then copy it to your document, e-mail message, etc.”


Free Online French Lessons and Activities

Would you like to find some French teaching resources for free? We’ve found some to share with you. These can be used as the basis for instruction or as additional activities in your French homeschooling lessons:

Digital Dialects – French Learning Games
“Free to use games for home and school use. Learn general vocabulary, animals, numbers, days and months, and more!

French Games
“French Games is a free online resource for beginners learning French and offers a complete set of French lessons, practice French games, and quick French tests for over 100 French topics, all free.”

French Language Course
This “French course is intended to allow you to understand written French (newspapers, articles, magazines, signs on the road during your next trip in France, etc.) and to write a letter to a French friend or correspondent. […] In the first five lessons, I will especially focus on the grammatical aspects of the French language in order to be able to go into conversations rapidly. This part of the course is not easy and somewhat boring, but don’t give up! The other lessons will be more conversation oriented. […] I hope you will enjoy learning French with me and that we’ll have the opportunity to exchange some email… preferably in French!”



French Online | ielanguages
“Learn French online for free with ielanguages.com: phrases, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, & listening resources.” Included are materials for teaching and learning  French I and French II and French III.

Le Français Facile | rfi (en français)
“Learn French with international news podcasts and exercises to learn and practice French, for all levels.”

Kids R Crafty
“Welcome to Kids-R-Crafty! This site offers activity sheets, coloring pages, dot-to-dots, mazes, vocabulary, and worksheets in both English and French. All are free for you to use. ENJOY!”

Polly Lingual – French
Choose your difficulty level or specialized topic area (i.e., grammar, travel, medical, money) for coursework or watch videos from native speakers.

Quia French
Choose from a collection of subscriber-made games and activities for learning French by searching for whatever specific activity type you want.


Other French Homeschooling Resources

Looking for more—especially for advanced students? Below are just a few additional resources to aid in your French homeschooling instruction:

Adolesco $
“If you’ve always dreamed of visiting France, an Adolesco exchange is the perfect opportunity! You’ll experience the life, language, and culture of France while living with your exchange partner and their family.”

Adopt an Escargot (en français)
“Each student will receive a real Escargot. Well, it is a real Escargot shell; le pauvre Escargot is no longer with us. The students will then be registered in La Société des Escargots. Membership in this very exclusive group means that students may send their stories (en français), comments (en français), pictures with captions (en français), etc. (en français) to be included on the website (at the discretion of Le Grand Escargot, bien sûr.) Members may also exchange email with Le Grand Escargot en français. Many teachers have their students write for advice as they raise their Escargots. Le Grand Escargot answers members of La Société des Escargots naturellement en français. The Adopt an Escargot kit also includes a personality profile for each Escargot, adoption certificates for each student, black line masters for an Escargot board game and Escargot Baby Books.”

Coins des Petits (en français)
“I designed this site especially for you, while hoping to shine the spark of joy in your child’s gaze. Come back, see me, there will be surprises for you, which will be added throughout the weeks.” This site is for children less than 10 years old, but there is a companion site here for children more than 10 years old.

France TV (en français) $
Discover the “primary media of all French-speaking people.”

La Tour Eiffel (en français)
Explore the official webpage of the Eiffel Tower, all in French!

Mômes par Parents (en français)
“DIY ideas for children, easy and fun! You will really love doing crafts at home with your children! Manual activities are a great way to work on creativity, fine motor skills and the parent-child bond, so we prepare a great workshop, and we create! Discover here hundreds of ideas for crafts and manual activities, classified by theme, to have fun and create with children from 2 to 12 years old.”

My TFI (en français) $
Watch movies, sports games, tv episodes, and more—all in French.                                                                              

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Do you know of any free French homeschool curriculum or have some great French lesson ideas? Share with us, s’il vous plait, in the comments below….