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5 Creative Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a new language can be a difficult topic to cover in homeschooling. Unlike the other subjects, there are just so many different options to chose from and many different types of curriculum for each option. Plus, a lot of those options become dull after a while. Just because it is difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it though. Learning a second language has many benefits, including a better understanding of your native language and boosting problem-solving skills! So how can we make it a little easier and a bit more fun? We have 5 creative and FUN ways for you to try!


Creative Ways to Homeschool A Foreign Language

1. Use Music!

We use music to learn so many concepts. From the ABC’s to the bones in the body, songs can really help get across new information. Give these simple Spanish, French, and German songs to get your child started. Expand the concept by giving karaoke in other languages a try. Not only will your homeschooler get repetition and pronunciation help but also pick up new words, grammar, and international music appreciation as well!


2. Watch Foreign Movies and Television

Many of us used educational programming to help our children learn in English when our children were younger, so why not use foreign language educational programming to learn a second language! These programs are great because they use simple words and repetition. Try something like Sesame Street in Spanish or Le Petit Nicolas to get started.

If your homeschooler wants something a little more complicated, they can watch foreign language films or shows with different language dubs. There are many different options for all ages on Netflix. Take it a step further by having them practice reading other languages by turning on the foreign subtitles!


3. Break out the Books!

Don’t forget about books! Give some easy picture books a go. If you find the picture books are too easy for your child, move on to foreign language guided readers or comic books. Are they ready for a real challenge? Try to find their favorite chapter books in other languages!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Charlotte’s Web (Spanish)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Spanish)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (French)


4. Play Games

Games are always great for education. Find board games to help with making language learning fun. Try online foreign vocabulary games for extra practice. If your children are avid video gamers, have them change the language of their favorite video game to the one they want to learn, and they will pick up on the language as they play! Did you know that Minecraft offers over 96 different languages of the world?! This is a great resource and surprisingly easy to do.


5. Get a Penpal

Practice reading and writing in a foreign language by getting an international penpal! Your homeschooler gets to practice their new language, and they will also be making a new friend. Double win!



Learning a new language can seem challenging and boring, but if you get a little creative, you can find many fun ways to help you and your homeschooler succeed! Give these 5 a try and let me know if you have any more ideas on how to add some out-of-the-box fun to foreign language learning in the comments below!


Still need more foreign language ideas? Try these 10 free foreign language sites and 5 foreign language resources to use right now.



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