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Time4Learning Demos

Foreign Language Learning For Kids

For Kids Near and Far

Foreign Languages in General


Linguacious® is a multi-award-winning language learning company that develops innovative vocabulary flashcard games and books in over 30 different languages. Their flashcard games and books are the only ones that contain audio by a native speaker of the language right from the cards/books, which make them an excellent choice for parents who do not speak the languages themselves. Kids can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking through fun and social games. The languages offered range from major ones such as Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese to less-commonly-taught ones such as Vietnamese, Hebrew, Korean, Swedish, and Turkish. According to Anne Guarnera (founder of the blog Language Learning at Home), “the Linguacious flashcards are the perfect way to introduce foreign languages to your homeschool students.”

Learn new languages for free with this program. Learn French, Greek, Japanese, or even Klingon!

Foreign Languages For Travelers
Lots of help for learning many foreign languages.

Foreign Language Games
Practice different languages with these free games from Learning Games for Kids.

Have you learned a little foreign language and want to try writing in it to a kid in another country?

My Language Exchange
Find a partner at the online community and practice your second language (any language) with a native speaker who is learning your language. We host your online practice with lesson plans, text chat rooms and more.

Surface Languages
A free language learning website suitable for children from 5 years upwards. There are multiple learning methods suitable for children of all ages and abilities. These include audio by native speakers, flashcards, crosswords and word searches.

Where Do Languages Come From?
If we go back only a few thousand years, none of these languages were spoken in their respective countries and indeed none of these languages existed anywhere in the world.

Word of the Day
Every day a new word and how it is spoken in many languages. Sound files for most. Email list.


Czech Language
Listen to Czech pronunciation. Learn about the Czech language. Memorize phrases and vocabulary …all with the help of a native speaker!

The Little Czech Primer
A series of darling cartoons to help you learn some Czech vocabulary.


Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian
Although Middle Egyptian became the literary and written language, the spoken language continued to change.


Hawaiian Names and Dictionary
Learn to say your name and other words in Hawaiian. I’m “Ana.”


A Beginner’s Guide to Irish Gaelic Pronunciation
A handy guide for musicians wishing to correctly pronounce the lyrics to Irish songs.

Cluichi Teanga
Games to learn and practice your Irish. From the BBC.


The Japanese Page
Language and community site with tips such as: If you don’t live in Japan, find an exchange student and make him or her a conversation partner. Foreign students are often very eager to practice English and they will trade off by speaking a little Japanese with you.

Learn, review, and interact with the Japanese language in a fun, comprehensive environment, online or on-the-go.

Sign Language

American Sign Language Browser
Animated site to help you learn some American sign language. Michigan State University Communication Technology Laboratory.

American Sign Language Fonts
Gallaudet TrueType font allows you to use your keyboard to type messages that appear as fingerspelling on your computer screen and that you can print out.

ASL (American Sign Language)
Information, flashcards, and printouts from Enchanted Learning.

Feel free to use this site and learn from the various lessons and resources.  There is no need to register or pay (unless you want documentation to fulfill high school, college, or continuing education course requirements).

Koko – The Gorilla Foundation
The Gorilla Language Project, or Project Koko, is the longest continuous inter-species communications project of its kind in the world, and it serves as a unique and irreplaceable resource for the international conservation community.

Signing Time!
Signing Time teaches children of all abilities and ages how to communicate using American Sign Language (ASL). Find videos from their TreeSchool program for free on their Youtube channel.

Sign It ASL
Sign It: American Sign Language Made Easy is an online, self-paced American Sign Language course. The complete curriculum will have a total of 10 units (50 lessons) that teach conversational ASL (vocabulary, sentences, grammar, and syntax) and Deaf culture.

Teach Your Baby Sign Language
Have a little brother or sister who seems frustrated by not being able to communicate? Teach them to sign, too!


Swahili Lessons
I had lots of fun once with a “Great White Hunter’s Swahili-English Guide.” Enjoy!


Language Dictionaries and Translators
Word2Word is pleased to provide these links in the hope of all people developing a better understanding of others through the use of language.


A Welsh Course
This free course, Croeso: Beginners’ Welsh, is taken from Croeso, a beginners’ language module that concentrates on Welsh as a tool for communication, but it also provides some insights into Welsh societies and cultures through printed and audio materials.


Additional Foreign Language Curriculum

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