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Free Spanish Lessons for Kids & Teens

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Spanish

Learning Spanish alone in your home can be tricky.

Encourage all homeschool family members to learn Spanish together for a better experience and some others to talk to!

Ad for Spanish Lessons

Give Your Child the World_Adolesco Youth Exchange. Spanish, French, or German Lessons.

The Best Way to Learn Spanish, French, or German: Live It!

Adolesco‘s flexible and affordable program of 3-week to 3-month language immersion and cultural exchanges gives your child the opportunity to learn Spanish, German, or French the same way they learned their first language: immersion.

Children are carefully matched with an exchange partner and each has the chance to host and travel – creating ‘siblings’ for life.

Family centered: our comprehensive screening process and decades of experience mean families make lifelong, global connections.  Read about children and families who’ve benefited from our unique program at www.Facebook.com/Adolesco.org.

Open to children and teens ages 9 to 17.  Application Deadline for Summer 2017 Exchanges is March 15, 2017 – Apply today!

Free Spanish for Young Children

Spanish for Kids
Our goal is to remain the best place to learn Spanish free online.

Free Spanish for Beginners

BBC Languages – Spanish
Includes assessment tool to get you started at the right level, extracts from tv series. Designed with the European learner or visitor to Spain in mind.

Learn Spanish
Free tutorial that even corrects your answers and gives you a hint and a second chance.

Learn Spanish
Same name, different site. Lots of specialized vocabulary, such as soccer and guitar word lists. Offers Spanish chat room.

Musical Spanish
Learn Spanish with our music CD, software, and book. Lessons using pop songs like La Bamba, Guantanamera, Las Mañanitas.

Spanish for Kids
Our Spanish for Kids resources provide everything a child needs to quickly learn Spanish, including over 100 Spanish games to make studying Spanish fun!

Spanish Made Easy
I’ll teach you the basics, including common phrases and vocabulary that travelers should learn, and basic use of verbs. Its simple, easy, and free.

Web Spanish Lessons
Each lesson is loosely organized around a central theme. New words, sample sentences, pronunciation guides, grammar explanations, and self-tests are included in most of the lessons. In addition, each lesson contains audio of that lesson’s new words.

Free Advanced Spanish

Language Express Spanish Game
Flash Spanish game for those who have a pretty good Spanish vocabulary, and can translate English into Spanish. Nice special effects.

Quia page for Spanish 2
Includes all of the Java Games for your vocabulary in Paso a Paso 2. Milpitas Spanish teacher, Srta. Feige, has also started entering other games/activities you can do with the vocabulary.

Quia page for Spanish 3
Includes all of the Java Games for your vocabulary in Paso a Paso 3. Milpitas Spanish teacher, Srta. Feige, has also started entering other games/activities you can do with the vocabulary.

Spanish Tongue Twisters
Poquito a poquito Paquito empaca poquitas copitas en pocos paquetes.

Comprehensive Free Spanish Sites

eLearn Spanish Language
A free resource for Spanish students and teachers. Laura K. Lawless adds new lessons and links weekly.


Spanish Forum
This is the place to learn about Spanish, have your questions about Spanish answered, or simply meet other people who enjoy one of the world’s most-used languages. The languages of this bulletin board are Spanish and English.

Software &  DVDs

Super Spanish (4 pak)

Super Spanish (4 pak)
by Standard Deviants
Recommended by teachers and professors across the country, the Standard Deviants approach to teaching is anything but standard. By simplifying complex subjects and presenting the material with humorous skits, computer graphics and a fun, approachable format, the Standard Deviants make even the most difficult subjects enjoyable!

Spanish Free 24/7 Language Learning
iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Learn or refresh your Spanish, anytime and anywhere with your own personal language lab. The fun way to learn a language!

Stories & Songs

Tebeos de Siempre
Comic strips in Spanish.

Songs of the Kids of Mexico
Un Elefante Se Balanceaba ~ Una Rata Vieja
Itzi, Bitzi Araña ~ Brinca La Tablita
Tortillitas ~ Senora Santana
Arroz con Leche ~ Estrellita

Spanish For Kids
I teach a Spanish computer lab and have written several simple songs for my young students.

Type Spanish

Type Spanish with Accents Online
This page allows you to easily type Spanish accents and other Spanish characters without a Spanish keyboard. You can edit your text in the box and then copy it to your e-mail application, word processor, etc.

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