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Time4Learning Demos

Art Math Projects For Kids

Art Math

Fun ways to learn and practice math for artistic homeschoolers. Art math is a way for artistic minds to get math.

The Art of Math
In this video, learn how to build a balanced mobile by applying a formula that accounts for weight and distance of its components. Constructing simple mobiles is a relevant, hands-on way to learn about balance and ratio relationships.

Canva Ecomap Data Visualization Tool
Make free graphs and other beautiful visual data representations easily!

Classroom Polyhedra Activities
Polyhedra-related construction activites which can be used for art and math projects.

Connect the Dots
Complete the picture by clicking on the next number until the picture is complete. For kids learning to count.

Coolmath 4 Kids – Fractals
An amusement park of mathematics. Come on in and enjoy this art made from math formulas.

Create a Graph
A graph or chart helps impress people by getting your point across quickly. Here you will find five different graphs and charts for you to consider. See if it helps in explaining what you are trying to show.

Gallery of Interactive Geometry
Ten lovely pages of fascinating, interactive geometric drawing activities.

Jo Edkins’ Maze Page
This site is going to discuss only unicursal mazes or labyrinths, that is, mazes with a single path to the centre, and no branches. This is the oldest form of maze, with examples all round the world.

Knots Gallery
All the knots are animated and move by themselves, showing you how they are constructed.

Knots on the Web
Peter Kuber’s huge link collection of knot tying, knot theory, knot art. Includes book and software resources, too. Lots of links for scouts.

Logical Art and the Art of Logic
Learn about pentominoes and the patterns they create.

Math is Fun
Learn mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner, because mathematics is fun!

Pattern Blocks
A Java-powered site that lets you move colored shapes into patterns to enjoy.

Patterns in Nature
These activities encourage students to explore how fundamentally random microscopic events can give rise to fractal macroscopic patterns in nature.

Polygon Playground
Drag multi-sided shapes around to make any figure you wish.

Powers of Ten
Visually explains exponents by taking you from deep in out space, down to earth and then into the molecules of leaf.

Suzanne’s Math Lessons
Creative math lessons using the art link to math.

See also Color and Light & Geometry


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