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Time4Learning Demos

Calculus For Teens

Calculus Practice Tests, Games and Recommended Calculus Books

Calculus Lessons for Free

Algebra Needed for Calculus. Precalculus Geometry Needed for Calculus. Precalculus Trigonometry.

Calculus – an Introduction
There are two main branches of calculus. The first is differentiation (or derivatives), which helps us to find a rate of change of one quantity compared to another. The second is integration, which is the reverse of differentiation. We may be given a rate of change and we need to work backwards to find the original relationship (or equation) between the two quantities.

Calculus Graphics
These are excerpts from a collection of graphical demonstrations I developed for first year calculus.

Calculus Made Easy
My husband’s all-time favorite calculus book, now Acrobat formatted. Print it out, or download and read in a pdf reader on your iPad. This book can make calculus less scary by the way the author explains things in terms you already understand.

Calculus Readiness Exam
Online test from Santa Clara University to test yourself to see if you are ready for calculus. Take the exam when you have 50 minutes clear to complete the test.

Finite Mathematics & Applied Calculus Resource Page
On-Line tutorials for applied calculus. Topic reviews for finite mathematics and applied calculus. Full-length texts for elementary logic and calculus applied to probability.

Introductory Calculus
We have selected relevant material from MIT’s introductory courses to support students as they study and educators as they teach the AP Calculus curriculum.

Step-by-Step Derivatives and Integrals
… with each step explained. Long multiplication and division of polynomials, too.

Visual Calculus
Excellent tutorial for calculus students. Many concepts illustrated with animatations.

Webmath Calculus
Derivatives: Power Rule, Chain Rule & Product Rule, Quotient Rule. Integration (Anti-derivative): Indefinite integral (symbolic), Definite integral (symbolic)

Music and Calculus

AP Calculus BC Final Project Music Theory Calculus
Give this video some time to get going. These teens will make their point soon.

Calculus: the Musical
From Archimedes to Riemann, the quest for the instantaneous rate of change and the area under the curve comes to life through song! Musical tributes to The Beatles, Gilbert & Sullivan, Petula Clark and even Eminem are just a few of the artists who have inspired this engaging and educational lesson that is nothing at all like your high school textbooks. Calculus: The Musical! promises to be entertaining to the arithmophobe and the rocket scientist alike. Join the cast, too.

Calculus Rhapsody
Sing along!

Online Calculus Games

Stuck in Traffic in Chicago
A mystery that will need some calculus to exonerate your fellow student. Was he stuck in traffic, or could he still manage to have robbed a bank?

Paper Calculus Games

Calculus: Finding the Power Rule Form
Step 1: Cut out all the pieces below, then match up the ones that represent the same expression. There are four “whammies” that do not match up with anything.
Step 2: Find the tile in each pair in which every term is of the form axn . This is the form where you can directly apply the power rule for derivatives.

Calculus: Multiple Derivatives Game
Cut out all the pieces below, then arrange the tiles in “chains” so that each chain represents a function and three derivatives (four tiles in each chain). You may find that more than one function lead to the same path of derivatives, so be careful.
More paper games