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Time4Learning Demos

Elementary Math Games For Kids

Cool Math 4 Kids
An amusement park of math and more — lots of puzzles, math games and calculators all designed for fun by Karen – the creator of Coolmath.com.

Fido Puzzle
A mathematical magic trick. Can you figure out how it is done?

Line Jumper
From easy addition to negative integers, this game tracks how well you do and lets you select harder or easier questions at any time.

Math Games
Free online math games and worksheets to bring fun to math! Algebra + Zombies? Addition + cute cats? That equals FUN!

Primary Math Games
Has some excellent games on topics girls love such as Dress Up Math and Princess Math. Plenty of fun interactive games for every young child.

Math Games For Kids
An assortment of interactive math games covering the four basic operations including flashcards.

Math is Fun
This free and fun site that offers multiple ways of understanding concepts ranging from algebra to geometry. Supplemented with games and animations, the site has proven useful for students of any and every age.

Math Mayhem
Put your math skills to the ultimate test! Play this fast-paced game against students from around the world! Games are starting now!

Math Playground
Math Playground is a mathematics learning site for students in grades K – 6.  Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have fun!

A Maths Dictionary for Kids
Maths A to Z – an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language. Includes definitions, animated examples, interactive activities, practice and lots of different calculators.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
A digital library containing Java applets and activities for K-12 mathematics.

The best part of this site is not just its math games, but it has a section to let you create your own games right on site so you can share them with other kids…. but they are going to be charging for this.

Vector Kids
Strengthen basic math skills with flashcards. Practice geometry, fractions, divisibility rules, beginning algebra, or State Capitals. Use the interactive multiplication table for studying an homework.

Math Games and Puzzles
by Linda Dacey (Author), Karen Gartland (Author), Jayne Bamford Lynch (Author)
Students love math games and puzzles, but how much are they really learning from the experience? Too often, math games are thought of as just a fun activity or enrichment opportunity. Well Played shows you how to make games and puzzles an integral learning component that provides teachers with unique access to student thinking.
This third book in the series helps you engage students in grades 6–8 in discussions of mathematical ideas and deepen their conceptual understanding. It also helps you develop students’ fluency with number systems; ratio and proportional relationships; expressions and equations, statistics and probability; and patterns, graphs, and functions.
Math Games for Basic Math
by The Standard Deviants
An ebullient troupe of young performers whose specialty is taking serious subjects and making them offbeat, enough to be memorable, tackle the most basic concepts of mathematics. Starting off with explanations of integers, the program proceeds to cover addition, subtraction, and multiplication before moving into more advanced concepts such as exponents and division. Throughout the program, the cast cracks painfully corny jokes and occasionally dresses up in some bad costumes to make their points. Indeed, this must be the only math lesson to have a “comedy editor” listed in the opening credits.

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