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Time4Learning Demos

Clocks For Kids

Make an ancient time piece and learn how to use it just like the great explorers did upon the seas.

How a Digital Clock Works
Marshall Brain not only shows you how one works, but will step you through building your own for about $30 worth of parts.

How Pendulum Clocks Work
Marshall Brain, the brains behind How Stuff Works, shows you how to design and build a Grandfather-type clock.

Inside a Wind-up Alarm Clock
Wind-up alarm clocks have been around a long time, but they are still fun to explore. By Marshall Brain.

The Secret Life of Machines – Quartz Watch part 1
Part 1 of the quartz watch. Brilliant 1980’s educational series presented by Tim Hunkin and Rex Garrod.
Part 2
Part 3

Sundials on the Internet
Directions for four different kinds of sundials you can easily make for yourself. You’ll need to use some geometry skills to get them right.

Telling Time without a Clock: Scandinavian Daymarks
How would we measure time without a clock? We know that the Sun moves across the sky during the day. Can we tell what time it is by looking at the position of the Sun?

A Walk Through Time
The evolution of time measurement through the ages. All clocks must have two basic components: a regular, constant or repetitive process or action to mark off equal increments of time and a means of keeping track of the increments of time and displaying the result.

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