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Time4Learning Demos

Math for Kids Directory

General Math Topics

Design your own calendars. Calendar math tricks. Important dates in history.

Online calculators to help with advanced math topics.

Math Lessons By Grade Level
Large kids’ math sites with sections by grade level.

Math Tests & Problem Sets
Take these quizzes to see how much you know about math.

Race Track Math Worksheet GameElementary Math

Build your own clocks and sundials. Learn clock arithmetic.

Math Madness
Fun links for learning and practicing math skills for primary and intermediate students.

Money Matters
Run a lemonade stand, learn to make change, or invest your hard earned money.

Multiplication Made Easy
Tips and tricks to make memorizing the tables easy.

Primary Math
Basic math skills for little children.

Telling Time
Fun ways to learn to tell time.

Word Problems
Learn and practice word problems K-8.

Intermediate Math

Art Math Connection
If you’d rather be doing art than math, come make beautiful designs using math concepts.

Charts & Graphs
Learn to make your own charts and graphs. Free downloads and data links to use.

Logic Games
Logic puzzles and games online.

Rational Numbers
Fractions, decimals, and percentages.

High School Math

Math 4 Teens
For those struggling with higher math concepts and need some help with homework.

Lessons, homework help, and free courses from pre-algebra through algebra II

Geometry for kids through real life lessons: build a bookcase, play games, make patterns using a protractor and compass. Software and geometry books available.

Trig uses the properties of triangles to solve advanced math problems.

Online help to make learning calculus easy.