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Online Homeschool STEM Fair 2019

This year we are supporting all things STEM with our first-ever Online Homeschool STEM Fair!

What ages can enter?

Any homeschooler K-12.
Groups will be divided into (K-3) (4-8) (9-12)


What is a STEM fair?

The main goal of the A2Z STEM Fair is to get your homeschooler using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to make real-world connections.


What is a STEM fair project?

STEM fair projects are projects based on the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. For the purpose of our STEM fair, we will be dividing the projects into the categories of science, technology, and engineering (math can be found throughout all of those). Students are encouraged to be creative and to design, build, and experiment with topics that interest them. We want to challenge homeschoolers to be original but above all LEARN!

All STEM fair projects must start with a question or problem.


For Science:

Your project must follow the scientific method! 

Research ->Hypothesis-> Design Experiment->Data Collection->Analyze Data-> Conclusion


For Technology:

Your project must follow the coding process! 



For Engineering:

Your project must follow the engineering process! 



How will you present your project?

Your project video will be uploaded to our site. Your presentation will need to be 3-5 minutes long.

During your video you need to address these items:

  1. Your initial question.
  2. How you proceeded with your specific STEM process (see processes above)
  3. Your finished product, conclusions, data etc.
  4. What did you learn during this process?
  5. What changes would make if you were to do this again?
  6. What part of your project was the most fun?


How will your project be judged?

View the rubrics we will be using for the initial scoring by our site judges Oct 9th-15th

The top choices from the judging round will then be voted on by the homeschooling public on A2Z from Oct. 16-31.

All participants will receive a participation certificate (perfect for the homeschool portfolio) and prizes to be announced!

Are you ready to get started?! We have a free Get Inspired Workbook to help you start planning your project! Grab your free download below!


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