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Time4Learning Demos

Rational Numbers – Fractions, Decimals, Percent

Rational numbers are parts of a whole, expressed as a fraction (1/4), decimal (0.25) or percentage (25%).


Cool Math 4 Kids – Fractions
Teach yourself about fractions by going through the lovely lessons and then trying it on your own.

This site contains information, graphics and quizzes on basic concepts of fractions. Rational numbers are an important part of the study of mathematics as we always seek knowledge of the whole of things by studying its parts.

Fresh Baked Fractions
You are shown four fractions. Three of the fractions are equivalent. They can all be simplified to to the same rational. Click on the one that is not equal to the others. If you get the answer correct, Jackson gets another piece of pie.

Hot Subjects: Fractions
In a fraction, the denominator tells us how many parts the whole is divided into, and the numerator tells us how many of those parts we’re dealing with.

If You Were a Fraction

If You Were a Fraction
by Trisha Speed Shaskan
If you were a fraction, you be part of a whole. You could be part of a pizza or part of pie. You could be part of an apple or part of a pear. What else could you be if you were a fraction?
Canadian editions

Introduction to Fractions for Primary Students
These lessons are designed to guide young children through an introduction to rational numbers. Children learn to recognize parts of a whole and divide a whole into equal parts.

Kids Fractions Tutorial
What is a fraction? Practice rational number math in a fun, flashy way.

Visual Fractions
Fractions are better understood when seen.


These pages teach operations on decimals covered in K8 math courses. Each page has an explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about decimals.

Information, graphics and quizzes on the basic concepts of decimal numbers. Decimal numbers are important to study as they are the basis of our money or monetary system and our system of scientific measure. It is also an area of infinite possibilities from the smallest to greatest numbers.

Hot Subjects: Decimals
The zero and the counting numbers (1,2,3,…) make up the set of whole numbers. But not every number is a whole number. Our decimal system lets us write numbers of all types and sizes, using a clever symbol called the decimal point.

Fractions & Decimals


Kahn Academy’s Developmental Math Section
Kahn explains basic math in a series of short YouTube videos. The one above, Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction, is the first in a series about fractions. So begin with this video and just move along from the main website.

Ask Dr. Math Archives: Elementary Fractions/Decimals
Answers to commonly asked questions about working with fractions and decimals.

Comparing fractions and percentages
Creative ways to teach fractions and percentage. Factsheet, activities and worksheets to learn. Games and quizzes to see how much you remember.

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Tables
A nice chart to print out to help you with decimals and fractional equivalents.


Hot Subjects: Percents
Percent means “out of 100.” We can use the percent symbol (%) as a handy way to write a fraction with a common denominator of 100. For example, instead of saying “8 out of every 100 professional basketball players are female,” we can say “8% of professional basketball players are female.”

QuickMath Automatic Math Solutions – Percentages
Enter the value/s for the required question and click the adjacent Go button.

Practical Lessons

For Great Cakes, Get the Ratios Right
Experienced cake bakers would never dream of trying to bake a cake without first “doing the math” to make sure that the ingredients are in balance. Having the right proportions of flour, eggs, sugar, and fat makes all the difference.

Ratio and Proportion

Ask Dr. Math: Ratio
A selection of answers to questions about ratios from the Dr. Math archives.

Ratio and Proportion
A ratio is a comparison of two numbers. We generally separate the two numbers in the ratio with a colon (:).

‘Ratio and proportion’ game
Play this interactive game to practice writing ratios.