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Robotics For Kids

About Robotics for Kids
Driverless Cars
Homeschool FLL Teams
Robots, Parts & Accessories
News About Homeschoolers Winning Robotics Contests
Virtual Robots

News About Homeschoolers Winning Robotics Contests

Robotic Competition won by homeschooler
News results about homeschoolers in robotic competitions and doing well all over the world.

About Robotics for Kids

Make a Balloon-Powered Nanorover
Instructions and diagrams from NASA on how to design and build a robotic rover with cardboard and a balloon.

Robotics Education Project
NASA’s REP works to capture the educational potential of NASA’s robotics missions by supporting educational robotics competitions and events, facilitating robotics curriculum enhancements at all educational levels, and maintaining a web site clearinghouse of robotics education information.

Rover Ranch
A place to learn about robotic engineering. You can learn about the development of robots, their elements and systems, and use a 3D VRML simulation to build and run your own robot.


Robot Cafe
Huge site with all you need to help you build robots and find other hobbiests.

Metro Homeschool Robotics Team
Greater Kansas City area.

South Montgomery Country Homeschool Robotics
A group of Christ-centered, home-educated students. The purpose of the organization is to glorify God and enjoy Him through teaching and training students in the engineering design process.

The Woodlands Homeschoolers Robotics V.C. 8
Texas homeschool robotics group. Contact admins about joining.


The robot competition that engages students in learning science, technology, engineering, and math.

First Lego League
Teams use LEGO bricks, sensors, motors and gears to construct and program a fully autonomous robot capable of completing different missions while maneuvering around the 4 foot-by-8 foot FLL Playing Field. For 9-14 year olds.

Driverless Cars

Ann Zeise in Google's Driverless Car

Ann Zeise in Google’s Driverless Car

How Driverless Cars Will Work
Automakers are developing complex systems that allow cars to drive themselves. They’re also furthering existing technologies such as self-parking and pre-safe systems. You may even be surprised to find out your old clunker already sports some driverless technologies.

Kids with wheels: Should the unlicensed be allowed to ‘drive’ autonomous cars?
For now, it seems that people are more hesitant to put children in autonomous cars alone. It would be interesting to see if this will change as the technology drives out onto the road and demonstrates its safety and reliability.

Should your driverless car kill you to save a child?
Something to think about. If a robot must make a split second decision, who gets to program the robot to make such a decision?

Homeschool FLL Teams

BRAINz FLL Robotics Team
We’re a group of five homeschoolers in Delaware who hope to make a difference in some people’s lives by helping them improve their memory. Our team name, BRAINz, stands for “Boosting Remembrances And Increasing Neuronz.”

FIRST Robotics Competition
Open regional event registration starts in November each year! An annual design competition that brings professionals and young people together in teams to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way.

Lawrence Technological University’s Robofest is a computerized robotics contest in which 5th – 12th grade students design, construct and program their robots while learning problem-solving techniques, mathematics, logic, creativity, physics, electronics, mechanics, teamwork, computers and computer programming.

Robot Combat
Whether you are building a robot for combat or just to watch one move around, this is your site. Built inexpensively with recycled materials for the most part, by an amateur tinkerer.

Robot Competitions
This listing contains brief summaries of known robot competitions around the world, answering the frequently asked questions; Where and when can I find a robot competition? Submission of new contest information is encouraged.

Robots, Parts & Accessories

Amazon Robot Parts & Accessories
Amazon carries a wide variety of robot parts to help you build your own robot for fun or for a competition.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Drones are within a family’s budget now… without the camera. With a camera, you decide. Too inexpensive, the motors burn out fast. These are the best sellers on Amazon.com.


Bomb Squad
Futuristic robots are used to go into dangerous situations where people shouldn’t be sent. Site has some movies of robots and a game. From NOVA.

Kismet: A Robot for Social Interactions with Humans
It is possible to have a socially sophisticated human assist the robot in acquiring more sophisticated communication skills and helping it learn the meaning these acts have for others.

RobotWorx Robot Videos
Children may be interested in watching these movies of practical, industrial robots doing real work. Robots don’t mind doing work that is dangerous or boring to humans!


Microsoft Robotics Studio
A Windows-based environment for academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to easily create robotics applications across a wide variety of hardware. Free to download.


Lego Mindstorms
Lego company’s site, with technical support and invention ideas for Mindstorm enthusiasts.

Virtual Robots

Classroom Robotics
ROBO is a new and very simple educational programming language that will familiarize you with the basics of computer science. You will also be introduced into popular programming techniques, and you will gain an insight into areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence. These skills will be gained by creating programs for a robot.

Train Computational Thinking at home – RoboMind Academy
The online curriculum contains self-contained courses with automatic validation and hints, enabling you to train computational thinking at home. A virtual mentor checks solutions and gives hints to help you on your way when a solution is not quite right. Because all solutions are checked and because you can only progress after solving a challenge correctly this allows us to reward you with validated Computational Thinking diplomas for courses successfully completed.

Robot Virtual World
No Robot, No Problem! Robot Virtual Worlds is a high-end simulation environment that enables students, without robots, to learn programming. iPad app available.

Virtual Robotics Lab
Follow your advisor, Mr. Roboto through the robotics lab and learn about a virtual robot named Iris. In this activity you will study, build and interact with Iris and find out how she works. This is a big activity with a lot of different parts so take your time and enjoy!

Virtual Robotics Toolkit
Never again disassemble, or lose pieces to something you’ve worked hard on. With the toolkit, you can store your creations as files you can return to as many times as you like.