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Time4Learning Demos

How do Buildings and Things in Buildings Work?

For kids curious how buildings work

You probably live in a building and are curious about how it was built and how the things in the building work. My father was a construction engineer, so was eager to teach me how everything in our house worked. I am proud to be a woman who understands how to fix lights, hang things on walls, fix the toilet, etc. I wanted to be an architect, but at the time I went to college, girls were not allowed into the architecture major at our university. How times have changed!

Building Large and Small

Woodworking For Kids
A scrap bin and glue guns about all you need.

Building Big
Learn how they build Bridges, Domes, Skyscrapers, Dams, and Tunnels. Then try out the various projects. Look here for facts about the World Trade Center.

Building on Ground Zero
Young children will like Outfitting Firefighters. Historians, the how and why of the collapse of the twin towers, scientists the information about metals. May not be suitable for the sensitive.


How to Repair a Table Lamp
Rewiring a lamp is easy! Learn how to do this basic electrical task in just 5 minutes with 1000Bulbs.com.

Build a Light Bulb
When you are conducting experiments and demonstrations using electricity, you’ll use the science of circuits. Amazing things are possible with circuits including alarms, radios, and lights. In the Build a Light Bulb experiment, you’ll use household items to construct a complete circuit that results in a homemade light bulb. On Circuit Science.


Kids describe the plumbing and ductwork
Try to visit a house under construction and try to figure out the functions of the pipes before the floor is put in.

Toiletology 101
Let’s plunge in; flush out the facts and plumb the depths of toilet repairs. Almost everything you ever wanted to know about your toilets!

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How do Buildings and Things in Buildings Work?

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