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Physics Classes for Free

These physics classes are mostly for the high school level, but some are for AP physics. The physics classes are free at the time I post them, but may have a price later on. Some physics classes are specifically for homeschoolers.


by Jerry Silver
Read Inside
Using easy-to-find parts and tools, this do-it-yourself guide offers a wide variety of physics experiments you can accomplish on your own. Topics covered include motion, gravity, energy, sound, light, heat, electricity, and more. Each of the projects in this unique guide includes parameters, a detailed methodology, expected results, and an explanation of why the experiment works. Projects for your physics class.

High School Level Physics

Honors Physics is an introductory course in algebra-based high school physics designed to provide students a basic understanding of physics principles in the areas of mechanics, work and energy, electricity and magnetism, semiconductors, waves, optics, and modern physics.

The Big Questions
With recent advances in physics (and philosophy), we are finally able to make some headway into some of the most pressing questions of the universe. We will explore such topics as the big bang theory, time travel, relativity, extraterrestrial life, and string theory. We will attempt to answer some big questions such as: Was there a beginning of time? Will there be an end? Is time travel possible?

Excitatory Topics in Physics
What sorts of things get physicists (or wannabe physicists, like the teacher of this class) excited? Is it the dream of building grand intellectual edifices capable of describing the Universe with amazing accuracy and elegance? Or, perhaps, discovering something so unexpected that it totally blows your mind? Maybe it’s simply the act of doing physics! Whatever the case, there are certainly many things in physics to get excited about, and we’ll explore some of them in this class.

IEEE Pre-University Education
IEEE and the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) are committed to providing quality educational physics classes for educators, parents, students, IEEE volunteers, and the public. Play games.

Khan Academy High School Physics Classes
Projectile motion, mechanics and electricity and magnetism. Solid understanding of algebra and a basic understanding of trigonometry necessary.

Physics Classroom
A set of instructional pages written in an easy-to-understand language and complemented by graphics and “Check Your Understanding” sections. An ideal starting location for those grasping for understanding or searching for answers.

Physic Done Right
New in 2016. Created by a father who homeschools his kids. He needs help getting feedback about the new lessons he puts up for this physics class. If you give him your email, you’ll get it first and free.

College Level Physics – Advance Placement (AP)

Andes Physics course
The Open & Free Physics course provides you with access to the Andes Physics Tutor, an intelligent tutoring system developed at the University of Pittsburgh and the United States Naval Academy with funding from the Cognitive Science program of the Office of Naval Research. The tutored exercises will supplement almost any physics textbook. Need to use a Windows computer. Developed by Carnegie Mellon University.

Coursera Courses that Cover Physics
A wide variety of courses about physics topics free and online from universities all over the world.

HippoCampus Physics
AP Physics:The Physics of Osmos. This activity asks students to recognize physics concepts within the video game Osmos. Students are then asked to use the video game to demonstrate and explain the concept that they have identified. This activity can be used as a formative assessment of student understanding or as a summative assessment after a comprehensive introduction to kinematics or momentum. Good list of other Physics lessons.

Introductory Physics: Classical Mechanics
This is a college-level Introductory Newtonian Mechanics course designed for both students and teachers. It covers all of the topics and learning objectives specified in the College Board Course Description for Advanced Placement® Physics C (Mechanics) course.

Open Courses in Physics
These are University-level courses that have been put online. They are largely similar to MOOCs, but instead of having the full feature set, they are often available via YouTube, iTunes or on a website. We have listed all the different options for you here, most of which serve as introduction to the world of physics. Teaching you are qualified professors from esteemed institutions such as Berkeley, Harvard and MIT.

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