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Time4Learning Demos

Plans for Making a Toy Car for Kids

I want to make a little toy car

Kids can build these toy cars with just a little help from a grown-up.

Here you will find the best plans for making a small, toy car.

Building a Mousetrap Car Part 1 of 4
In this first video, I give you a quick introduction into the various parts you will need to make your Mousetrap Car. In the following videos, you will learn how to build your mousetrap car and see the results.

Clothespin Button Racer
An easy boredom buster. Make two and race them down a ramp of cardboard.

How to make a fast pinewood derby car
Packs around the country are preparing to hold their annual pinewood derby. There are many ways to make your pinewood derby car go faster. Here are some of them.

Mousetrap car and vehicle propulsion theory
A mousetrap powered car is a vehicle that uses a mouse trap for a motor. There are many different ideas but the most common and probably the most successful ideas is to attach a string to the mouse trap and axle or the string pull.

Pinewood Derby Car Design Tips
The noble goal of the derby is to foster a stronger relationship between the Cub Scout and his parent by working together to create a personalized, custom, one-of-a-kind car from a basic BSA kit. It is hoped that a scout feels pride in his work, enjoys the competition of racing against other scouts, and demonstrates good sportsmanship whether he wins or not.

Retractor Car
Create a toy car powered by a spring. With a little creativity, the potential energy stored in a common badge retractor can run a fun little vehicle. Take this idea and run with it!

The Science of the Pinewood Derby
Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, explains how you can use science to succeed at your next pinewood derby.

Use science to make a fast pinewood derby car
A former NASA engineer explains how you can use science to succeed at your next pinewood derby.

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