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Time4Learning Demos

American History

An Overview

American History – Elementary

American History Stories
27 classic stories of early America written by early Americans for children under 12. These stories reflect the prejudices of their times.

At Home in the Heartland
Explore Illinois from its earliest days through modern times. A game-like setting, you learn about the people of an era and help them make some decisions, which send you wandering around the site.

Become a Historical Detective
True or False? Was Billy the Kid really killed by Pat Garrett at Fort Sumner, New Mexico? What evidence can you find to prove your answer? Are there any conflicting accounts of his death? Are there any conflicting accounts of his life?

Flags of the United States
These images are here for you to enjoy, or to use as freeU.S. flag clip art. We hereby give you permission to use the clip art in any way you want, except redistributing the images in another format or clip art gallery.

Learn The Presidents of the United States
These unit study supplements include quick timelines for each president, fun and interesting facts to help students retain information better and activities such as crossword puzzles, spelling games and biography organizer to test their knowledge after studying each president. Start learning now!

Name That President
Think you know what the presidents looked like? Look at the picture of each President and click on his name.

Our Story
A project of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, OurStory is designed to help children and adults enjoy exploring history together through children’s literature, everyday objects, and hands-on activities.

If you just want to play on your own, click here to create an account and choose the STUDENT tab. Are you better as the mill’s manager, or as a mill worker? Try your skill at our two minigames.

USA States Facts
Learn about the history and geography of each colony and then states of the United States of America with these fun unit study supplements. These include hands on activities, printables and online games to test your student’s knowledge. Get the fun started!

Book Set to Help You Learn US History

A History of US: Eleven-Volume Set: Paperback Set

A History of US
Eleven-Volume Set
(affiliate link)
by Joy Hakim (Click on author to find single books to buy.)
Whether it’s standing on the podium in Seneca Falls with the Suffragettes or riding on the first subway car beneath New York City in 1907, the books in Joy Hakim’s A History of US series weave together exciting stories that bring American history to life.

American History – Teens

America’s Story
What did Lincoln have in his pockets the night he died? When was break dancing first done? Answers to these questions and more from the Library of Congress.

California History Overview
A page of annotated links about northern California history, from your Go Milpitas! Guide, me, Ann Zeise.

Digital History
An interactive, multimedia history of the United States from the Revolution to the present. Online text book and guided readings.

Explore the World of Early America
An archive of original documents and even music, from the media of the era.

From Haven to Home
A Library of Congress exhibition marking 350 years of Jewish life in America. Visit online or in person through December 18, 2004.

From Revolution to Reconstruction
A complete hypertext course suitable for students at the Junior High level or older.

History Detectives
History Detectives continues on Monday nights on PBS with three more investigations for you. (Check local listings here). Find out more about what’s happening in the next episode of your favorite show.

History Matters
Designed for high school and college teachers and students, History Matters serves as a gateway to web resources and offers other useful materials for teaching U.S. history.

New Perspectives on The West
The PBS program, the people, places, and events of The West, resources, lesson plans, and a quiz when you are done.

Social Studies Help Center – American History
Unit studies for each period of American history.

Tips for Oral History Interviewer
If you want to interview an older person about their recollections of an historical era or event, here are some suggestions on how best to do it.

Today in History
The Library of Congress offers new topics, resources and project ideas every day. You can also look at archives for past and some future dates, too.

US History.org
A virtual field trip through historic sites primarily in Philadelphia. You can actually experience Town Criers crying. This site also includes free online text books for US History, American Government, and Ancient Civilizations.


Archiving Early America
A wealth of resources — a unique array of primary source material from 18th Century America. Scenes and portraits from original newspapers, maps and writings come to life on your screen just as they appeared to this country’s forebears more than two centuries ago.

Free Early America E-books
Browse through our library of free eBooks, all focusing on the people, places and events of America’s founding. Our books and writings are in the public domain, many of which were written at a time during or soon after America’s formative years. Many formats.

The Declaration of Independence
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Read along here, while the actors read The Declaration of Independence in the video above.

Interactive Constitution
Based on The Words We Live By : Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution, by Linda R. Monk.

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