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Pilgrims for Kids

Free Online Resources for Learning Fun Facts about Pilgrims

Pilgrim Facts and History For Kids
By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.

If you are like most Americans, you may know about Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower, but how much do you really know about the Pilgrims? Do you know that the Pilgrims came to America for religious reasons and that an English-speaking Native American named Squanto helped the Pilgrims as an interpreter and guide? Learn with your kids as you study Pilgrims and their history, find fun Pilgrim activities, and make neat Pilgrim crafts. Check out these free online resources to help you when you build your Pilgrim lesson or unit:

Pilgrim Facts & History for Kids

Pilgrim Lesson Plans & Activities for Kids

Pilgrim Crafts for Kids


Pilgrim Facts & History for Kids

Just want to learn more about the Pilgrims? The history of Pilgrims, their way of life, and other interesting Pilgrim facts for kids can be found at these sites:

Colonial America: The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony
Learn about why the Pilgrims traveled to America, their voyage on the Mayflower, the Mayflower Compact, Plymouth Colony and the first hard winter, Squanto and the Wampanoag nation, and Thanksgiving.



In Search of Religious Freedom: Puritans and Pilgrims
Discover these fun facts about the Pilgrims by American History for Kids.



Mayflower and Plymouth History
For your older students, this site contains lots of information about the Mayflower, Plymouth Colony, the Wampanoag Native Americans, and other topics like the clothing and religious beliefs of the Pilgrims.



Pilgrim Memorial State Park – Monuments & Memorials Walking Tour Guidebook
This waterfront park is the site of Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II Museum. More than one million visitors explore this park each year to view Plymouth Harbor and the park monuments. Whether you can visit the park in person or not, download this five-page guidebook that is filled with Pilgrim facts to share with your kids!

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony: 1620
This is a study guide for your secondary student who is interested in learning about the history of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag nation.

The Pilgrims for Kids
Read this kid-friendly summary of Pilgrims and then check out the various links to learn more.



Plimoth History @ Home™
Even if you can’t visit Plimoth Plantation, you can experience the history in your own home. Take a virtual tour of Plimoth Plantation, join an interactive virtual workshop and discussion, or catch a podcast.

Plymouth Rock
Read this brief account of the famous boulder and see an image as it looks today.



Squanto Biography
This is a brief reading about Squanto, the Native American who acted as both interpreter and guide to the Pilgrims, teaching them the skills they needed to survive their first winter in America.

Thanksgiving Proclamation
Read the primary source document written by George Washington in October of 1789, proclaiming Thursday, Nov. 26, of that year to be a day of thanksgiving.


Pilgrim Facts and History For Kids

Pilgrims Lesson Plans & Activities for Kids

Maybe you are designing a Pilgrim lesson or unit to help your child learn Pilgrim facts or the history of Pilgrims. Here are some lesson plans and instructional activities you may want to consider:

The Mayflower Pilgrims (ProTeacher)
This is a collection of Pilgrim activities, lesson and unit plans, worksheets, crafts, and other resources.

Pilgrim Facts & Worksheets (KidsKonnect)
Learn some interesting facts about Pilgrims and then browse over 20 Pilgrim worksheets that you can download.

Pilgrim Unit (TeacherVision)
This is a 7-lesson unit (grades 3-5) about the Pilgrims and Native Americans who lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 1620’s. Lessons include “Planning for the Voyage,” “Aboard the Mayflower,” “Choosing Plymouth,” “The First Winter,” “The First Thanksgiving,” “Life in Plymouth,” and “Pilgrim Children.”

Pilgrim Projects (EducationWorld)
Check out these two lists: activities for younger students and activities for older students. Find listening and language activities, games, science and history activities, research projects, and more.

Pilgrims (LessonPlans.com)
Find several lesson plans like “The Mayflower Passengers” (grades 1-3), “Proud Pilgrim Hats” (grades 1-3), and “Packing the Pilgrim’s Trunk: Personalizing History in the Elementary Classroom” (grades 1-2).

The Pilgrims Mini-Unit (TeacherLink)
This is a fifth-grade mini-unit on Pilgrims, including the following lessons: “Introduction to the Pilgrims,” “Everyday Life of the Pilgrims,” “Coming to America: Where Do the Pilgrims Fit In?” “The Settling of Plymouth Colony,” and “Early Government of Plymouth.”



Pilgrims Teaching Theme Activities, Crafts, & Lesson Plan Ideas (Little Giraffes)
Check out this collection of materials for your little one. Find poems, stories, lesson ideas, and Pilgrim art projects.

Squanto Facts & Worksheets (KidsKonnect)
Read through the facts about Squanto’s life, and then download the worksheets to reinforce learning about the one who helped the Pilgrims get through their first winter.


Pilgrim Facts and History For Kids

Pilgrim Crafts for Kids

Enjoy some fun crafts while you learn Pilgrim facts with your child. Here are some free online Pilgrim craft ideas:

8 Pilgrim Crafts for Thanksgiving (The Spruce Crafts)
Make Pilgrim Crowns, Paper Plate Pilgrims, a Pilgrim Hat Alphabet Match, a Popsicle Stick Pilgrim Hat, Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups, Paper Tube Pilgrims, Popcorn Pilgrims, or a Handprint Pilgrim Ship.



Pilgrim Crafts for Kids (Fun Family Crafts)
Here are more than 40 Pilgrim crafts for you to enjoy with your preschool and school-aged kids. Try crafts using recycled materials, edible crafts, and more—all with a Pilgrim theme!



Thanksgiving Pilgrim Crafts (This Grandma Is Fun)
Explore this collection of Pilgrim crafts, including Clay Pot Pilgrims, Napkin Rings, DIY Quills, Pilgrim Hat Cookies, Personal Pilgrim Placecards, and others.



Are you thankful for other free resources about Pilgrim facts or the history of Pilgrims? Add them to the comments below.


Looking for more Thanksgiving resources? Try these!

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