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Time4Learning Demos

Ancient Rome For Kids

Kids have fun exploring ancient Rome


Ancient Roman Architecture
Lots of lovely photographs of the remains of the monuments, villas, and civic buildings that still remain.


Roman Baths
The Roman water distribution system was quite sophisticated. It was used for elaborate pubic baths (swimming pools), indoor plumbing and even a sewage system.


Roman Ball Games
Ball-playing was popular among the Romans, and they often spent their morning exercises playing games on the fields (palaestra) or ball-courts (sphaerista).

Roman Board Games
You may be able to reproduce these games, but you’ll need to make up your own rules, as the rule sheets were lost long ago.


See You Later, Gladiator! – Time Warp Trio
The Book transports Joe, Sam, and Fred back to ancient Rome A.D. 120 – and face-to-face with one big ol’ Gladiator. They’ve seen plenty of professional wrestling on TV – but will the smackdown body slam be enough to save them at the Coliseum?

You Wouldn’t Want To Be A Roman Gladiator
Will you live or die after your first fight as a Roman gladiator? Find out what fate awaits you on your journey to the arena.

History of the Roman Empire

Ancient Roman History Timeline
Provides a chronological index of the history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material and new perspectives upon the roles of women in ancient time.

Ancient Rome
Through these pages you can reach many different aspects of Ancient Rome. The task of covering all aspects of a millennium of the civilization of ancient Rome is almost impossibly big but we have included as many of the salient features as possible.

The Roman Empire: Children’s Section
Cast your vote for the best and worse emperors. Find out about daily life and games. Send a Roman emailed greeting card. Lots of Roman-era clipart of people, places, and modern reenactments.

The Roman Empire: In the First Century
Two thousand years ago, the world was ruled by Rome. From England to Africa and from Syria to Spain, one in every four people on earth lived and died under Roman law.

Rome: Republic to Empire
The following web pages were created for a course taught onAncient Rome in Film, Fiction, and Fact.


Latin Lessons
Web sites where you can really learn Latin while playing games and solving puzzles.

Laws of Rome

Ancient History Sourcebook: The Twelve Tables, c. 450 BCE
Compare these laws to ones we have today: some are similar and some are very different.

Life in Ancient Rome

Daily Life in Ancient Rome
If you had lived in ancient times, would you have chosen to become a Roman citizen? You might have! The ancient Romans invented more games than any other culture.

The Roman Way
Listen to recorded BBC broadcasts about Roman History. Find recipes. Take a quiz. Pick up a few handy phrases in Latin.

Voyage Back in Time: Ancient Greece and Rome
Site designed with 3rd graders in mind. You’ll find this a thorough, but easy to read website about the basics of ancient civilizations.

Who Were the Romans?
Welcome to an interactive site for 7-10 year olds about the Romans and especially the Romans in Britain.

Map of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent
Clicking anywhere on this map will give you a more detailed look at that portion of the Roman Empire.

Notable Romans

Emperor Hadrian
The Emperor Hadrian ruled for 21 years from A.D. 117 until A.D. 138. Hadrian acted quickly. He immediately ordered the distribution of money to the people of Rome and arranged for all soldiers to be paid an extra bonus. Hadrian also cancelled the debts of all those people who had borrowed money from the treasury.

Romulus and Remus
As children will often do, Romulus and Remus could agree upon neither the location of the new city nor a name for it. It was during this strife that Romulus killed his twin, and thereupon built the new settlement.

Vestal Virgins of Rome
Chosen by lot from a group of specially selected, physically impeccable girls with two living parents, a Vestal entered the Order between her sixth and tenth year and was sworn to thirty years of chastity and demanding service.

A community of scholars, both teachers and students, who create on-line resources for teaching Latin and ancient Roman culture and who use these resources in their courses.


In Vesuvius’ Shadow
As archaeologists working in Pompeii, we are part of a long history and tradition of digging this ancient city. Gain an insider’s view of the dig by reading excerpts from students’ and supervisors’ field journals.

View Siti archeologici di Torre Annunziata, Pompei e Boscoreale (NA in a larger map
Google Earth Pompei
View with Google Earth to be able to walk around the ruins of Pompei with all the other tourists. Similar to street views of modern cities. Drag the little yellow icon to the spots where you’d like to walk around. Things to notice and find: a theatre, a stadium, streets with raised sidewalks, a large central governmental area. Parents: be aware that there are some fossilized people, but they might appear to children to be cement statues.

Pompeii: Unraveling Ancient Mysteries
On August 23, 79 AD, Pompeii looked like any other busy, prosperous city. People were moving about, trading goods, news, and friendly talk. Three days later, on August 26, all of these sounds had fallen silent, and the place itself had vanished. Almost nothing was seen of Pompeii for more than 1500 years.

Pompei Virtual Tour
If we want to know details about what life was like in a Roman city during the first century, I think by studying Pompeii we can get the very best perspective with the least speculation.


Antique Roman Dishes – Collection
The following recipes are taken from an old Roman cookbook.

Real Roman Recipes
To give you a flavor of food that Romans may have eaten at the baths, we have reprinted ancient recipes, most of which come from Apicius, a Roman chef who lived about 2,000 years ago.

Roman Numerals

Compvter Romanvs
Caesar has proclaimed Compvter Romanvs to be the official calcvlator of the Roman Empire. Yov now have at yovr disposal the latest in high technology to assist in all manner of nvmerical problems. Yes, whether yov’re bvilding a road, designing an aqvadvct, or covnting yovr gladiators, Compvter Romanvs will make the job easier.


Join in these interactive stories set in Ancient Rome and Greece. Add your own portion to an ongoing story which many others have begun. One is in Latin.