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Time4Learning Demos

Mayan Culture & History For Kids

Mayan Civilization

Cautionary Tales
These stories are a sophisticated method of communication in a situation where everything said among the Mayan people can pose dangers to the one who tells it and to the ones who hear it.

Maya Adventure
Science activities and information related to ancient and modern Maya culture.

Maya Astronomy Page
The Maya lived in the area in Central America which now consists of Yucatan, Guatemala, Belize and southern Mexico (the Chiapas and Tabasco provinces).

Maya Mural
At the site called San Bartolo, in Guatemale, researchers have discovered a well-preserved mural of about 10 meters (30 foot) long. It depicts the Maya creation myth, and shows the coronation of an early king. He is painted close to the gods, to show his relation to the gods.

Maya Ruins
I tried to build navigation paths through the photos which would reinforce spatial relationships and give a sense of place. The organization of this site mimics my own use of maps and old books as I tried to reconstruct my journeys.

Mayan Calendar Tools
Web tools for working with the Mayan and Gregorian Calendars.

A Mayan Life: A Birth in the Village
The first novel ever by a Mayan writer, and thus the first in which the Maya themselves tell their own story. Rich in personal and ethnological detail, the reader comes away knowing better just what it means to be a contemporary Maya.

Mayan Numbers
The Mayan system of writing numbers was very simple. The way they wrote out numbers was using bars and dots.

Mundo Maya
Family was the core of Maya society, and their natural daily life was inextricably linked to all things sacred. Their cardinal point orientation, their colors, plants and numbers were significance laden and directly related to the deities. Español.

Mayan Ruins
For almost a millennium, the ancient ruins of great architecture lay buried beneath the jungle vegetation on the Yucatan Peninsula. Abandoned by their creators these ancient Mayan ruins are a stunning reminder of a powerful civilization that once ruled the people of southern Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize.

Rabbit Stories
These can be seen as just funny little tales for children. To me, they appear to be disguised post-Conquest fables and cautions about dealing with the Spanish rulers.