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Time4Learning Demos

Economics for Kids – A Unit Study on how Money moves Globally

Learning about our financial systems

What is meant by “Economics?”

The Box: Latest location
World trade affects how much things cost in each country. Follow a shipping container as it is loaded and unloaded all around the world.

This site is an introduction to basic concepts on economics and contains information, quizzes, activities and links to various online resources to learn more about our global economy.

The Economy of a Tent City
Video. Ten weeks after the earthquake, the temporary settlements where Haitians congregated have developed into rich, complex communities. Planet Money’s Adam Davidson visits Port-au-Prince’s largest tent city — spread out over what used to be an elite golf course — and finds a rich, complex economy with more small business competition than before the quake.

Financial Soccer
Pass, dribble and shoot your way to victory by correctly answering questions.

History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day by Glyn Davies
A detailed chronology of money in its social and political context from the very earliest times onwards. Advanced.

The Mint
Saving & investing, spending, making a budget, learning & earning, quizzes & games, and how do you, as a teen, fit into the economy?

Money Matters: The Importance of Global Cooperation
An IMF Exhibit — How wars cause inflation and depressions and other political consequences on a global scale. Simplified explanation, but a good overview for teens.

Our World Economics
A multidisciplinary group of economists, political consultants and educators developed Our World Economics to help teenagers tackle the questions of globalism: Where do our products and services in the United States come from? Why do 600 million children worldwide live in poverty? Can we promote economic development while being respectful of the environment?

Show Business: the Economics of Entertainment
Unit 1: Climbing the Charts
Unit 2: Another Action Hero

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