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Time4Learning Demos

History And Geography Of Canada For Kids

Canadian History, Civics & Geography

About Canada

About Canada
Information divided by grade level, preschool through college. This link to the kid zone, but you can navigate to others.

The Canadian Encyclopedia
A part of Historica Canada, the largest independent (non-profit) organization dedicated to Canadian history, culture, heritage, and citizenship.

Mystery at Number 262
Victoriana mansion holds a deep, dark secret. Wander from room to room to uncover its mysterious past. A fun, Flash site.

Canadian Civics

Parliament of Canada
Browse by grade level to learn about how your government works. Look for unique job opportunities and internships. Find out about tours.


The Haida : Children of Eagle and Raven
The Queen Charlotte Islands, arguably some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world, are nestled under the Alaska panhandle and have been the ancestral home of the Haida people for 8,000 years.

New France

Heavens! My Ship!
The time is the end of the 17th century, and vast expanses of territory remain to be explored. Put your knowledge and sense of observation to the test as you relive the journey of a historical figure.


All Across Canada
Wandering Wally, Hiking Holly and Ambling Andy trek across the various regions of Canada, meeting with friends and getting to know their country a little better.

Canada Map
Nice outline map of Canada. Provinces and Territories labeled.

Canada Maps – Perry-Castañda Map Collection – UT Library Online
Large collection of maps of whole country, each province and most large cities.

Canada Map – Not Labeled
Test your knowledge of Canadian geography.

Canadian Flag Clip Art Gallery
CFCAG  has over 200 images, collected from the top clip art sites in the world and images by people like you and me.

Stamp Quest
Did you know that more people collect stamps than any other object? Become a stamp collector and you will make new friends, explore Canada, and travel the world.

Pioneers of Canada

Fur Trade and the Hudson Bay Company
In fact, the history of the fur trade, Hudson’s Bay Company and the exploration of Canada are so intertwined that they can not be separated. So read on and learn more about Canada!

Great Upper Canada Adventure
Try your hand at the life of a settler on the Sydenham River. This interactive game takes you through several of the challenges settlers had to face in Upper Canada.

Mystery History-Maker Match-up
Interactive Canadian History game.

Pen pictures of early pioneer life in Upper Canada
EBook that can be downloaded to various devices. This is a history book written over 100 years ago. “Real and homely as his tale has been told, there will still be found no lack of romantic incidents and chapters of much interest to the general reader. The book, in a word, is the author’s humble contribution to the history of the early days of his native province.”

Upper Canada Village – 1860s Life
Farming began in this area of Upper Canada in the 1780s with the arrival of the Loyalist settlers. They cleared the land of dense forest to build homes and farms that would provide their basic needs. See the Table of Contents for more aspects of early Canadian life.