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American Revolution – American History for Kids

Stories and Videos of the American Revolution

How did compliant colonials with strong ties to Europe get the notion to become an independent nation? How did the American Revolution get started?

The American Revolution
Event by event you can find out what happened during the Revolution.

Boston Tea Party Facts
The Boston Tea Party-Destruction of the tea in Boston Harbor. 1773. New York Public Library. The Boston Tea Party was organized and carried out by a group of Patriots led by Samuel Adams known as the Sons of Liberty.

The story of the American Revolution: A History of US: From Colonies to Country: 1735-1791 A History of US Book Three

A History of US: From Colonies to Country: 1735-1791
by Joy Hakim
How did compliant colonials with strong ties to Europe get the notion to become an independent nation? Perhaps the seeds of liberty were planted in the 1735 historic courtroom battle for the freedom of the press. Or maybe the French and Indian War did it, when colonists were called “Americans” for the first time by the English, and the great English army proved itself not so formidable after all. But for sure when King George III started levying some heavy handed taxes on the colonies, the break from the motherland was imminent. With such enthralling characters as George Washington, Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, Eliza Pinckney, and Alexander Hamilton throughout, From Colonies to Country is an amazing story of a nation making transformation.
Kindle Edition

Kids’ Page at Valley Forge
You may not have thought of George Washington as a particularly fun guy. You will after visiting this site! (Also some serious history pages as well.) [Note: site blocked by some filters because humans are injured.]

Abigail Adams – Part 1
Abigail Adams – Part 2
Abigail Adams – Part 3

The story of the American Revolution—two and a half decades of debate and rebellion, war and peace. It begins in the aftermath of the French and Indian War and ends with the creation of the Constitution. Multimedia.

Liberty’s Kids
An animated adventure television series for children ages 8-14, about three kids who, by working as reporters for Ben Franklin, bring to life the American Revolution. The companion site is no longer maintained. While the full series is free on YouTube, you can also buy the DVD of all the episodes on Amazon.

The Life of George Washington — The Movie
This 35-minute internet film spans the illustrious career of George Washington from his birth at Bridges Creek, Virginia, to his death at Mount Vernon. Helps to have a high-speed connection.

Patriot Papers
Explore these interactive activities to learn more about the first president. Stories inspired by the life and leadership qualities of George Washington.

Paul Revere House
We visited this house when my daughter was 10. She asked and found out that the house had no barn, and Paul had borrowed a horse for his famous ride, and could not re-enter to Boston to return it.

Paul Revere’s Ride
Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.

Revolutionary War
On this site you can see the major events leading up to and over the course of the American Revolutionary War. Teachers Guide available.

Sybil Ludington
There is no extravagance in comparing her ride with that of Paul Revere and its midnight message. By daybreak, thanks to her daring, nearly the whole regiment was mustered before her father’s house at Fredricksburgh, and an hour or two later was on the march for vengeance on the raiders. Buy the book on Amazon.com.

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolutionary War
The Philadelphia Campaign of the American Revolotionary War. Come follow along!

Women of the American Revolution
Who knows about Molly Pitcher, Penelope Barker, Esther Reed, or Patience Wright? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place. Not all of them picked up muskets.

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