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Time4Learning Demos

Indian Craft Projects And History For Kids

Indian Peoples of the Americas

“We send our little Indian boys and girls to school, and when they come back talking English, they come back swearing. There is no swear word in the Indian languages, and I haven’t yet learned to swear.”
Gertrude S. Bonnin (Zitkala-Sa) – Yankton Sioux

Homeschooled kids learning to start a fire by rubbing
two sticks together Indian-style at a weekly park day event.

Cherokee History in Georgia
With the encroachments of the whites beginning in 1721 (South Carolina), border wars with neighboring Indians, and disease, the Cherokee face a new life. To the Cherokee the world is crumbling.

Cherokee Indian Fact Sheet
Written for young people in search of Cherokee Indian information for school or home-schooling reports.

Cornhusk Dolls
These dolls are based on Penobscot Dolls illustrated by Frank G. Speck in the mid-1900’s. History, myths and crafting directions.

Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States
A far more extensive site than the name implies. Each flag page also has an history of the tribe. Each Indian tribe is a nation within the geographic boundaries of the United States.

Honoring the Animal Spirits
In centuries past, Indians gave special powers to specific animals. We still do this today. Notice advertisements and how they use animals to help us think of speed and power or even silliness.

How to Weave a Basket Lesson
Watch this video and learn how much fun it is to weave a Native American Indian basket. Jackie Nunez instructs both teachers and kids in this fun video. She even provides fun tips on how to use the finished basket as part of the everyday classroom experience.

The Indians’ Discovery of Columbus
The conquest of Mexico and the subsequent downfall of the Aztecs, not from a European standpoint but rather from the perspective of the Aztecs themselves.

Indigenous People of Silicon Valley
History of the Ohlone Indians who inhabited the south San Francisco Bay region of California.

An Introduction to the Creek Nation
Prior to the early 18th Century, most of Georgia was home to American Indians belonging to a southeastern alliance known as the Creek Confederacy. Today’s Creek Nation, also known as the Muskogee, were the major tribe in that alliance.

Miracle, The White Buffalo
Indian legend has it that all the peoples of the world will be united with the return of the White Buffalo.

The Modoc War
As white people began to settle near the Lost River, they demanded that the Modoc be removed from their homes and placed on the Klamath Reservation with the Klamath and Yahooskin tribes. The Modoc and the Klamath were historic enemies; the Modoc’s relationship with the Yahooskin was not much better.

Good relations between the colonists and the Narragansett continued until King Philip’s War (1675-6), when the Narragansett–along with other Native American tribes–attempted to limit colonial expansion, an effort that ended in the tribe’s defeat and abandonment of their homeland.

Native American Information for Kids
Questions and answers about Native Americans in general, especially for kids, as well as information about specific tribes. From Native Languages of the Americas.

Native American Wisdom
The time has come to listen to echoes from our land…the wisdom and teachings of our Native American Indians. Their words are simple and their voices are soft. We have not heard them, because we have not taken the time to listen.

Native Americans
Native American tribes have lived and thrived upon the North American landscape for thousands of years–long before there was a United States. Historically, about 500 distinct Native languages were spoken in North America.

Native Americans
Individual Native Tribes Including Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean, and North America (Listed in Alphabetical Order).

NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art
A topically organized educational web site emphasizing the Eastern Woodland Indians region. Lots of directions for Indian crafts and projects.

Native Americans in Olden Times
Native Americans are not actually natives. They are immigrants, like everyone else in this country. Some scientists say the first people arrived in the United States over forty thousand years ago from Asia, crossing the frozen sea. Some say twenty thousand years ago. It is safe to say that Native American culture is really old, as old as that of Ancient China.

Pueblo Indian History
What was life like in a Pueblo village 800 years ago? How do American Indians today view their history and culture? What is it like to be an archaeologist? This is your opportunity to explore the ancient past, ask a question of a real archaeologist, and get to know living descendants of the ancestral Pueblo people.

This is the anglo version from the Jamestown Rediscovery site. Compare to the Disney film.

Tracking the Buffalo
This activity explores the role of the buffalo in the lives of the American Indians of the northern plains. From the Smithsonian.

Trail of Tears
In 1830 the Congress of the United States passed the “Indian Removal Act.” Although many Americans were against the act, most notably Tennessee Congressman Davy Crockett, it passed anyway.

Julia Parker, a member of the Kashaya Pomo Indian tribe in Yosemite, showing Yosemite visitors how she wove baskets just as her ancestors did. Photo by Ann Zeise.

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