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Time4Learning Demos

Age Of Exploration 1400-1600


Columbus Unit Study
Additional resources for studying about Columbus.

Christopher Columbus
Perhaps the most famous explorer was Christopher Columbus. Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1451 to a weaver, young Columbus first went to sea at the age of fourteen.

Columbus Controversy
Videos from History.com. As historians have continued to learn and write more about the real life of Christopher Columbus, controversy has arisen over the validity of honoring the explorer as a hero. While topic of site is suitable for children, some ads may not be suitable.

Columbus Day
Columbus Day honors the explorer Christopher Columbus, who first landed in the New World on October 12, 1492. While Columbus’s nationality has never been positively identified, many believe he was of Italian descent, and throughout the nineteenth century, Italian-Americans held celebrations in cities across the United States to honor his memory. In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed October 12 Columbus Day. President Richard Nixon later declared Columbus Day a national holiday to be observed the second Monday of each October.

Columbus Day Activity Book
For young readers to print out and enjoy.

Columbus Day Crafts and Activities
These crafts projects are for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. The crafts use materials found around the house.

Columbus Navigation Homepage
Examining the History, Navigation, and Landfall of Christopher Columbus.

Columbus Quiz
For each correct answer about Columbus, your teacher takes a few more steps along the plank. Goal is to have her fall in and have to swim.

Columbus Story Sequence Game
Try to correctly place the Columbus story tiles in the right order.

Lies My Teacher Told Me About Christopher Columbus

Lies My Teacher Told Me About Christopher Columbus: What Your History Books Got Wrong
by James W. Loewen
Disproves the myths about Columbus still enshrined in American textbooks with quotations from primary source material that sets the record straight. The poster and accompanying 48–page paperback book sum up the mistellings—and reveal the real story—in a graphically appealing and accessible format that shows the degree to which textbooks have “lied” by knowingly substituting crowd-pleasing myths for grim and gruesome historical evidence.
Canadian editions
You Wouldn't Want to Sail With Christopher Columbus

You Wouldn’t Want to Sail With Christopher Columbus!: Uncharted Waters You’d Rather Not Cross
by Fiona MacDonald (Author), David Salariya (Creator), David Antram (Illustrator)
This best-selling series engages readers of all levels by making them part of the story. Readers will become the main character and can revel in the gory and dark sides of life throughout important moments in history.
Perfect resource for reluctant readers with:Humor and history tied to curriculum
Entertaining sidebars to pique reader’s curiosity
Comprehensive glossary to support content
Index to make navigating subject matter easier
Library Binding
Canadian editions


Sir Francis Drake
Revered as a hero in the fight against the Armada and despised as an upstart by the old nobility, Drake epitomizes the self-made Elizabethan privateer, rapacious in the hunt for treasure (especially Spanish treasure) but daring and visionary in exploration. A fair number of other linked resources, too.

Spanish Explorers

Milk Carton Spanish Galleon
Substitute thin sheets of plastic, and you may be able to actually sail this galleon on water for short periods. Would be worth experimenting.

Spanish Colonial Military Artifacts – History, Archaeology, Relics
While other materials are included in the illustrative displays, the interpretive emphasis of this site has been placed upon military clothing and, as they evolved, uniform-related artifacts: the buttons, strap and accoutrement buckles, and insignia worn by Spain’s regular, provincial, and urban militia forces in the study region.

Spanish Exploration and Conquest of Native America
Hernando de Soto explored Native America in the 1540’s, along trails that are highways today. Conquest Records describe large Indian villages, attacked then diseased, along those trails. Pioneers settled those village clearings. [Note: Site is blocked by some filters because of partial nudity, violence.]