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Time4Learning Demos

Sport Physics

Homeschooled girl jump roping at the
Western Oklahoma Homeschool
Track and Field Day

Permission to republish from photographer, Cindy Nicolai, and the girl’s parents.



Initial-eligibility procedures for homeschooled student-athletes. Frequently asked questions on how to qualify using experience gained in athletics and academics while homeschooling.

Sports Illustrated For Kids
Informative site, updated weekly. Articles about being a good sport and a good athlete.


Presidental Youth Fitness Program
The President’s Challenge Physical Fitness Program has transitioned to the Presidental Youth Fitness Progam. This change is to focus on physical education instead of a test.


Baseball for Families
How to make baseball easy enough for almost everyone in the family and neighborhood to play casual baseball/softball.



It’s Time to Exercise
Whatever is going on, as long as you’ve got a body, it’s always the right time to exercise! You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive sneakers. You don’t need a ton of kids around.

Jump Rope For Heart
Have a look at these dazzling skills. They are so easy to do and look fantastic! The Jump Rope for Heart manual has over 100 different skipping skills that are fun and challenging for all ability levels – from basic to advanced.


How to homeschool and play football or at least enjoy it some.

Physics of Sports

Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment
Tennis, Golf Balls, Baseballs, Javelin, Discus, Frisbee, Boomerangs, Bicycling, Race Cars, Sails and Sailboats, and Swimming: how does understanding aerodynamics help you do better with this sports equipment?

In the Baseball Lessons, you can learn more about aerodynamics by controlling conditions of a baseball pitch, including altitude(location), the speed of the pitch, and spin of the pitch. The Baseball Applet has the ability to specify atmospheric conditions for the baseball game. Developed by NASA.

Make a Basketball Jumpshot Every Time
Using the laws of physics, it’s possible to make a jump shot in basketball every time. That’s right, if you stand at some point on the court, and throw the ball up at just the right angle and just the right speed, you can make it every time.

Skateboard Science
In a blur of flying acrobatics, skaters leap and skid over and onto obstacles, executing flips and turns of ever-increasing complexity–all at top speeds. How on earth do they do that?


Arm Pullers
Allen and Caroline Fisher are homeschool parents who are also professional arm wrestling coaches. They are here to give you some tips.

Getting Ready to Yo-Yo
Not only how to get started, but also page after page of tricks to do with your yo-yo. [Did I ever tell you I won 3rd place in a yo-yo contest? There were 3 kids in the contest! – Your Guide.]

How To Juggle 3 Balls
Learn how to juggle three balls with these step by step instructions.

How Yo-yos work
Both the classic yo-yo and the sophisticated “automatic” yo-yos that have sprung up in the past few years are remarkable demonstrations of fundamental scientific principles.

Hula Hoop tricks
Find instructions on how to hula hoop. Get tips for selecting the right hoop, learning the correct motions, and recover a slipping hoop.

Skating Tips, Rollerblade Tricks, and Moves
So, you’d like to try some of those fancy tricks you see people doing? You’d be surprised at how easy many of them are, and given some time to practice the move and enough effort, you’ll soon be pretty competent.

Junkyard Sports Community
Satisfy your deservedly desperate need for resources and opportunities to bring Junkyard Sports to the day-to-day lives of fun-seeking families.

Orienteering – Youth Programs
The Little Troll program was designed by Orienteering USA’s Youth Committee under a grant from the U.S. Olympic Committee. The program’s continuing support is funded by Orienteering USA membership dues.

Training For Climbing
Climbing indoor walls or massive cliffs requires both physical and mental strength. This website is owned by Eric J. Hörst (pronounced “Hirst”), the nation’s leading authority on climbing performance.

Soccer (Football to the English)

Internet Soccer Clinics
The site has been designed to help you with a variety of coaching topics such as drills for skills, soccer techniques, understanding tactics, nutrition, soccer news and much much more.

World Sports

Bocce: It’s Not Just for Ancient Egyptians Anymore!
The second-oldest, and second-most-popular, sport in the world. Was played by the ancient Egyptians.

Cricket: Beginners guide 
Start playing! Learn the rules of Cricket – get out there and play!

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