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STEM Fair Projects: STEM Science Project

By Andrea Dillon
*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

What is a STEM Fair project?

STEM fair projects are projects based on the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. For the purpose of our STEM fair, we will be dividing the projects into the categories of science, technology, and engineering (math can be found throughout all of those). Students are encouraged to be creative and design, build, and experiment with topics that interest them. We want to challenge homeschoolers to be original but, above all, LEARN!


What is a STEM science project?

Science fair projects are nothing new and many of us have done our own trifold board presentation, however, many people still confuse science demonstrations and science experiments.


Science Demonstrations vs Science Experiments/Projects

  • Science demonstrations are quick hands-on science activities that help give a visual of a science concept. This would be something like making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar or pouring oil in water to show they do not mix. These demonstrate concepts that we already know to be true.
  • Science experiments are just one part of the scientific method used in developing your science project. Science experiments involve finding a question and then carrying out the science experiment to find an answer. You need to carry out a science experiment multiple times for true results.


What is the scientific method?

What are some good STEM Fair science projects?

Good STEM fair projects are something that you are interested in and involve a problem that you want to solve. Brainstorm starting problems/questions that you can use science to help solve.

Here are some examples:

What’s the best way to keep bugs off my tomato plants?

Which paper towels absorb the fastest?

Does temperature change magnet strength?

Which batteries last the longest in my Xbox remotes?


Need more STEM science project ideas?

We have an entire section of free homeschool science resources that can help inspire your homeschooler! Take a look at the chemistry, animal, and earth science sections to get STEM science project ideas. 


Other STEM Fair Science Project Resource We Love

Get a free printable list of 20 plus science fair project ideas from Science Bob to help you get started. There is also more information about the scientific method, science fair resources, and project advice that can help as well! 

Have your homeschoolers take a quick survey with Science Buddies to get pointed in the direction of projects that are based on their interests and will be more fun. You can also browse their massive list of STEM science project ideas by the area of science or grade level. 

Home Depot and Discovery Education have combined forces to create Science Fair Central, which is another great stop to find STEM science project ideas, presentation ideas, and more. 

How much science is involved in the food we grow? A lot! So much that the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has created an entire section of agricultural topics for science STEM fair projects. This is a great place to get inspired by the science of growing plants, breeding animals, and producing other food products. 

Need help with a starting question? Science Kids has great STEM science project starters for various science topics and education levels.


STEM Science Project Books 

Never underestimate the power of a good book. This applies to science projects as well! Below are some of our favorite ones to help inspire your homeschoolers to start thinking about science. 


Janice VanCleave’s A+ Science Fair Projects by Janice VanCleave 

“Looking to wow the judges at the science fair this year? Everyone’s favorite science teacher is here to help. Janice VanCleave’s A+Science Fair Projects has everything you need to put together a winning entry, with detailed advice on properly planning your project, from choosing a topic and collecting your facts to designing experiments and presenting your findings.” 



STEM Starters for Kids Science Experiments at Home: Discover the Science in Everyday Life by Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker 

“Explore the science in everyday life with these simple, step-by-step experiments to do around the home. Each activity takes a complex, scientific concept and makes it easy for kids to understand. Young scientists will enjoy discovering the science behind the simple phenomena all around them.” 



Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family Friendly Experiments from Around the House by Liz Lee Heinecke 

“Conduct physics, chemistry, and biology experiments with tools and ingredients found in any kitchen! These 52 labs created by mom and scientist Liz Lee Heinecke introduce fundamental scientific principles in a fun and accessible format.” 




Is your homeschooler ready to start their STEM Fair project?  

Great! Help them stay on track through the process with our FREE STEM Fair Science Workbook! 

Don’t forget to bookmark our A2Z STEM Fair hub page to get all the newest information, freebies, and updates! 


Do you have questions about our A2Z STEM Fair? Drop them in the comments below or send me an email! I’m happy to help you get started. 

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