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Advent Calendar for Christmas, December 2016

A countdown to the Holidays with a new, fun link each day on our Advent Calendar for children ages 5-95.

Be sure to check our Advent Calendar every day and click to see what is behind the next holiday symbol.

I have a whole bunch of new links this year. None require Flash! I am leaving each day up all month long, so it is up to you to open one day at a time or all at once.

by Lindsay Small (Author), Tatyana Plyasheshnik (Illustrator)
Read Inside
Here’s a different kind of Advent Calendar, and it’s one that will keep adults and children alike happily busy in the run up to Christmas!
Thu. Dec. 1


Fri. Dec. 2


Decorate the Christmas Tree!
Sat. Dec. 3


Elf School
Sun. Dec. 4


Christmas Songs
Mon. Dec. 5


Gift of the Magi
Tue. Dec. 6

Wed. Dec. 7


Ann Elf
Thu. Dec. 8

How to Make Candles Using Old Crayons
Fri. Dec. 9


Kwanza Designs
Sat. Dec. 10


Candy Cane Cookies
Sun. Dec. 11


Countdown to Christmas
Mon. Dec. 12


Christmas Party Ideas
Sun. Dec. 13


Christmas Decorations
Mon. Dec. 14


Christmas Carols for Kids
Thu. Dec. 15

Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make - Homemade Christmas Presents
Fri. Dec. 16


A Star in the East
Sat. Dec. 17


Rudolf Story
Sun. Dec. 18


How to Build a Snowman
Mon. Dec. 19


Feed the Birds
Sun. Dec. 20


Gingerbread House
Mon. Dec. 21


Abigail's Christmas Crafts for Kids
Thu. Dec. 22


Countdown to Christmas
Fri. Dec. 23


Radio Santa Claus
Sat. Dec. 24
Sun. Dec. 25
Christmas DayLuke 2
Mon. Dec. 26
Kwanza Begins
Kwanza Calendar

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