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DLP Directory Page

Distance Learning Programs aka “DLPs”

Catholic Homeschool Programs
Distance learning programs that support those wishing to incorporate Catholicism in their homeschool curriculum and at home schools.

Computer Based Homeschool Curriculum
Unlike the completely web-based programs, these distance learning programs provide you with software, usually CD-rom based, so that you can work even without web access. Many of the materials are on the computer rather than using books for everything. Do make sure that you have a compatible computer before signing up for one of these.

Classical Tutorial and Distance Learning Programs
Courses online and off for those wishing the Classical Method of education.

Correspondence Schools
Correspondence schools typically provide a full curriculum based on grade level. You’ll get all materials you need, and a teacher will make assignments, which your child will turn in, and the teacher will evaluate. The best are accredited and will perform an assessment to ascertain your child’s placement in each subject.

DEAC Accredited High School Programs
These distance learning programs meet tough, public educational standards. Do view the DEAC site first so you’ll better understand the reasons for this designation. For some homeschooling families, especially those in the foreign service, accredited programs are a “must.”

Drivers Ed Classes
Where you can enroll with distance learning programs for drivers education.

Flexible Learning
These might best be called “Unschooling with a Diploma” programs, though with some, you can just take classes for fun, and not for credit. They may give you some guidance and sometimes a diploma, but mostly these are for families who want to design their own curriculum but need an umbrella school.

Online Schools
Online schools provide courses to take on your computer over the internet as either a complete grade-based or interest-based curriculum. The best virtual schools are accredited, and can be customized to your child’s interests and abilities. You must have fast, reliable internet access to best utilize these online courses.

Programs for Disabled Children
While many of the programs in this Distance Learning Programs section of the site are suitable for children with some disabilities, these programs go out of their way to provide full programs and support for those with specific disabilities.

Programs for Gifted Children
These programs cater to the needs of gifted and talented youngsters. They frequently require qualifying results of IQ or other testing. The programs are fast-paced, and intended for highly motivated students.

Religious Programs
These distance learning programs cater to those of specific religious persuasions. For other resources for religious or cultural instruction, see the listings under your specific religion or cultural group in Religion/Cultural Homeschooling Resources.

University Accredited Programs
Many state colleges and universities offer accredited high school programs. These are of particular interest to those students who plan to also attend one of these colleges after homeschooling.

Virtual Schools
Programs supporting families who wish to stay in a state-run school system.

Other Distance Learning Resources

American School and Homeschooling
This group is for parents of any age children thinking about the high school years. You might be thinking of having them attend a correspondence school like “American School of Correspondence” and/or continuing to homeschool. Members only.

Distance Learning
Thought.co provides a a whole site for those who are looking for more than DLPs for homeschoolers: for example, degree or skill training programs. Check the boards and features for comments for which are best and which are “diploma mills.” This site has information about accreditation as well.

Independent Study High School Message Board
Discussion board for those interesting in or already enrolled in a distance learning program.

For more about home school programs and distance learning programs.