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Homeschooling a 17 Year Old

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homeschool pro or beginner when the school year approaches parents feel fretful, experience butterflies, and become excited. That’s because you’re the primary teacher, guidance counselor, and administrator of your school.

And you’re probably visiting this site because you want information on homeschooling a seventeen year old. Information such as what it’s like homeschooling a seventeen year old, what are other children their age learning, and options for online curriculum choices.

We can’t provide all the answers but we can give you a working guideline that will help you as the year progresses. Remember, each child learns at their own pace and has their own personalities so nothing is set in stone. But there are typical traits and milestones that many seventeen year olds share.

General 17 Year Old Milestones

Seventeen year old students are more apt to take the lead and do their schoolwork and other necessary educational requirements on their own. But they still need your assistance and wisdom. Outside influences start making an impact on seventeen year olds and they may come to you for advice – if they don’t make certain you offer any help, even if it’s lending an ear. With college or other future plans approaching, the pressure starts to build so providing guidance and “grown-up” tips will help them make the right decisions and meet the various deadlines associated with school.   

Other traits seventeen year olds share:

  • fewer mood swings
  • feeling both enthusiastic and fearful regarding their future
  • worn out from their rigorous scheduled
  • better organizational skills
  • trying drugs and/or alcohol

 Tips to Help Your 17 Teen Year Old

You may start feeling the pressure this year. Many parents think they didn’t do enough for their seventeen year old. After all, college and a future life await them and you were the main constant that was their preparing them for “what’s next.” But if you understand the course requirements of the colleges your child wants to attend, and your student is meeting those requirements, and you have all the transcript and other necessities in order, you’ve done your job.

If you’re seventeen year old plans on attending college, investigate what your local community colleges offer in terms of dual enrollment. But first, check if your state allows homeschoolers to take college courses. If they do, this will prepare your child for the workload college professors heap on their students. It also gives them confidence and some insight into college-level responsibilities.    

What Other 17 Year Olds are Learning

You may wonder, like many other homeschooling parents, what other children are learning about in their traditional school setting. It’s healthy to compare, but homeschooling offers much more flexibility so you may be surprised that your child has experienced more learning opportunities. Common things seventeen year olds learn include:

  • filling out college and scholarship applications
  • cutting-edge math (if they have completed two algebra courses and a geometry course already)
  • US government and economics
  • comparing/contrasting similar literary texts
  • writing arguments with supportive evidence and illustrations
  • summarizing information without plagiarizing
  • physics or advanced chemistry
  • fine arts electives

Online Curriculum for 17 Year Olds      

By now, your seventeen year old probably knows the computer like the back of his or her hand. Googling information, playing video games (on their computer, phone or tablet), and scouring the social media scene is second nature. In the last decade, web-based curriculum products have joined the the list of online tools.   

And some of these products actually serve an integral role for children, especially seventeen year olds. They provide valuable and dynamic curriculum programs. These programs appear like a video game, interacting and challenging your children on multiple subjects. Your seventeen year olds can learn at their own pace, study independently, select different grade levels according to their strengths and weaknesses, and study wherever the internet is available.

They’re also helpful for parents. Some online curriculum products grade your children’s work for you, offer automated record keeping, detailed progress reports, and portfolio reporting that can be used as student transcripts. This makes preparing for college so much easier!

Homeschooling a seventeen year old is stressful. But with the proper preparation and online curriculum assistance you should have all your important paperwork in order and ready for the next step.