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10 reasons why public school is better than homeschool

Public school students and their parents feel homeschoolers have unfair advantages

  1. Most parents were educated in the under funded public school system, and so are not smart enough to homeschool their own children.
  2. Children who receive one-on-one homeschooling will learn more than others, giving them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. This is undemocratic.
  3. How can children learn to defend themselves unless they have to fight off bullies on a daily basis?
  4. Ridicule from other children is important to the socialization process.
  5. Children in public schools can get more practice “Just Saying No” to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.
  6. Fluorescent lighting may have significant health benefits.
  7. Publicly asking permission to go to the bathroom teaches young people their place in society.
  8. The fashion industry depends upon the peer pressure that only public schools can generate.
  9. Public schools foster cultural literacy, passing on important traditions like the singing of “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg…”
  10. Homeschooled children may not learn important office career skills, like how to sit still for six hours straight.
The Self-Propelled Advantage
The Self-Propelled Advantage
The Parent’s Guide to Raising Independent, Motivated Kids Who Learn with Excellence
by Joanne Calderwood
What if there was a way to
– Raise children who cheerfully do what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it, without fussing and fighting and warring with parents and siblings, and who treat you with respect?
– Know for sure that your children are receiving the best education available to them, and if not, make a change?
– Raise children who set their own educational goals and work with excellence to achieve them on a daily basis without the need for parents or a teacher to watch over them and keep them on task?
– Give your children an educational advantage that enables them to go to their first-choice college for free?
Kindle Edition

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