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Dinosaur Jokes, Puns & Riddles

Green Dinosaur Comedian

Green Dinosaur Comedian

How do you cheer up a blue Dilophosaurus?

Tell him some dinosaur jokes!

Why do museums have so many old dinosaur bones?

Because they can’t find any new ones!

Why do comedians tell so many old dinosaur jokes?

Because they can’t find any new ones!

What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?

A Thesaurus.

Why can’t they find new fossils or new jokes?

They’re lazy bones!

How would you know if a dinosaur was in bed with you?

I’d be awakened by the dino-snores.

Quick! Hide under the bed!


Did you notice he ate your pillow?

Yes, he’s down in the mouth.

Where could that dinosaur buy you a new, cheap pillow?

At the dino-store.

And what if he went and got into your refrigerator?

Well, I certainly couldn’t close the door!

Did you notice the dinosaur ate the meat raw?

He didn’t know how to barbeque!

But the dinosaur sure did like the hot dogs!

Because they reminded him of Jurassic Pork!

Do you know how long dinosaurs should be fed?

Exactly as long as you feed short dinosaurs!

What kind of dinosaur never gives up?

A Try-try-triceratops.

What did the Triceratops sit on at the park?

The dino-see-saur!

What did the Triceratops sit with?

His Tricera-bottom!

What did it sound like when it broke?

Like dino-mite!

Who did you call for help?

The Tricera-cops!

How many dinosaurs can stay dry under a palm tree?

If it isn’t raining, quite a few!

But what if a dinosaur does stay out in the rain?

He becomes a stegosaur-rust.

What kind of dinosaur might you see at a rodeo?

A Tyrannosaurus Tex.

And what would he be doing at the rodeo?

Trying to ride a Bronco-saurus.

And when he gets bucked off?

He’d be Tyrannosaurus wrecks!

What would you then give him so he’d feel better?

Tea, Rex?

What’s the difference between a strawberry and a Tyrannosaurus?

A strawberry is red.

Why did the Tyrannosaurus paint her toenails red?

So she could hide in the strawberry patch!

What happened when she hid in the strawberry patch?

We wound up with a whole lot of strawberry jam!

I hear she then ran across the road.

Silly! There weren’t any roads back then! The chicken ran across many years later.

Was she wearing any clothes?

Nope. There weren’t any dino-sewers back then.

Did that strawberry-covered dinosaur take a bath?

Why? Is there one missing?

Why did dinosaurs go extinct?

They didn’t take baths.

What do you call someone who tells too many dinosaur jokes?

A dino-bore.

by Ann Zeise.

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