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Homeschoolers Laughing At Ourselves

The Bitter Homeschooler’s Wish List
Please stop asking us if it’s legal. If it is – and it is – it’s insulting to imply that we’re criminals. And if we were criminals, would we admit it?

California parents arrested — Caught Home-schooling their children without a teaching credential
Spoof: “Overall, we netted a pretty good raid,” said Officer Martinez. “We arrested the parents. Put the kids in protective custody and enrolled them in public school. We confiscated a whole bunch of high quality, up to date learning materials, too.”

Thor Ramsey: Homeschool
From the DVD Thou Shalt Laugh 2: The Deuce, Thor Ramsey talks about homeschooling his daughter.

Frequently Questioned Answers
A good sense of humor, a strong dash of irony, and the author, David Mankins, makes his points with a velvet glove.

Harvard forcing homeschoolers to ‘Fit In’
Fitting In’s semester-long schedule includes trips to public places where homeschoolers mingle with people from different socio-economic backgrounds; parties where they learn to have meaningless conversations to forge social bonds; tests on popular slang phrases and lessons on how to “hang out” without outsmarting everyone else in the room.

Home Eating a Threat to Public Kitchens?
After much heated debate on the house floor, legislation was passed today to allow a growing number of families to cook meals for their families in their homes. The children must have annual physical examinations to assure proper growth and weight gain. Attempts to require weekly meal plans and monthly kitchen inspections were voted down.

Homeschool Barbie™
Homeschool Barbie™ is just the toy for your precious little angel. She has a fresh, clean complexion and simply styled hair to show forth her natural beauty. Watch for Unschooling Barbie™ due out in Spring of 2014, or whenever the design team feels like finishing her. Written by Suzanne Andrews.

Homeschool Videos
Young homeschoolers, teen homeschoolers, parents and even curriculum suppliers are making videos and using YouTube.

A Homeschooler’s New Year’s Resolutions
While many people make optimistic and grandiose plans for 2011, the New Year’s resolutions of homeschoolers might just look a wee bit different from those of the general public.

Homeschooling Moms Horoscope
If you’ve been searching in vain for your homeschool horoscope, I’m happy to let you know you’ve found it, at last. Please, just remember that if you don’t like what you read, I’m just the messenger. For 2010, but probably good well into the future!

Homeschooling SAQ (Seldom Asked Questions)
If I homeschool, will I have to wear Birkenstocks? If I homeschool, will I have to raise goats and chickens? Will I have to bake my own bread and sew all of our own clothes? by Rebecca Prewett.

If The Friends Were Homeschooled
So I’m about two years behind the trend, but nothing makes me giggle like a good Friends GIF. Or that GIF where the penguin gets shoved into the ice. Gets me every time. Anyway, last night’s post got me started and I couldn’t stop. My apologies in advance. And also? This is just for grins, people. Don’t take me seriously here. At all.

Increasing Number Of Parents Opting To Have Children School-Homed
Satire from The Onion. According to a report released Monday by the U.S. Department of Education, an increasing number of American parents are choosing to have their children raised at school rather than at home.

Knowledge House Homeschool Humor
You Must Be Homeschooled If… Someone asks what grade you’re in and you’re not sure.

Mallard Fillmore
5 cartoons that comment on homeschoolers’ abilities to win national “bees” and manage at the same time to be well socialized — as long as they use small words and short sentences.

Mr. Pointy Nose and Mr. Pointy Nose Returns
One day while Father was away at work, a knock came at the door of the family’s home. Mother opened the door and found a stern man with sharp teeth and a very pointy nose standing on the doorstep. By Tammy Drennan.

A Recovery Program for Homeschool Split Personality Disorder
Do you vacillate between child-led, developmentally appropriate, interest-initiated unschooling on one hand, and traditional, structured, academic-based education on the other? Diane Keith pokes fun at our mood swings.

10 reasons why public school is better than homeschool.
1. Most parents were educated in the under funded-public school system, and so are not smart enough to homeschool their own children.

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