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Legal Resources Useful for Home School Research

National Home Education Legal Defense
NHELD, LLC provides an Action Plan, regarding how to defeat proposed federal legislation, argument summary, and a link to the listing of the names of the members of the U.S. House and Senate.


Praxis National Teachers Exam
If you are a college graduate and your state makes it a whole lot easier to homeschool if you are a certified teacher, you may qualify if you pass this test. Also a useful test if you are already a teacher, but want to homeschool kids not in your current subject area. Potentially useful to homeschool parents who want to start up their own “school” for homeschoolers or want to qualify to help fellow homeschoolers in states that require a “teacher” to oversee homeschools.

Civil Liberities

American Civil Liberties Union
Search for articles about homeschooling issues, or subscribe to an email list to keep on top of topics that concern you.


Answering the CPS (Child Protective Services) Questions
A group of homeschoolers in my county decided to find answers to these questions. We invited Mr. Edwin Schuster, from the Virginia Child Protective Services, to speak with our group. Here is what we asked, and what he had to say. By Shay Seaborne.

Fight CPS and Win
Group fighting for Constitutional rights of families who have had their children removed by Child Protective Services.

Legal Resources and Case Law
Pending legislation, learn your rights, and what action to take if you are accused. From Kidjacked.

Parents victimized by children’s protective services
Statistics show that 60 to 80% of ALL accusations of child abuse are unfounded. Here’s how to protect yourself from false accusations.


A Tax Write-off?
Can I write off any homeschooling expenses on my taxes?


Copyright for Computer Authors
Of interest to those who are putting their personal creations about homeschooling up on aggregating sites, such as About.com. Is it yours or theirs?

Homeschooling Laws & Legalities
Actual laws, and links to interpretations of these laws provided by your homeschooling guide. [Note: I am not a lawyer. You are responsible for verifying these laws and getting appropriate assistance in interpreting them.]

Lexis Global Law Library
You no longer have to register or pay a fee. Search for laws anywhere in the world the same way lawyers do.

Legal Assistance

American Association for Justice
Site for locating a fully qualified trial lawyer in your jurisdiction.

Family Law
Page in FindLaw.com where you can locate various types of family law assistance.

A portal site to assist you with all sorts of legal questions.

Authoritative guide to the American legal profession. The database is now regarded as the primary research source for information about attorneys and law firms around the world.


Congress Link
A resource not only for figuring out how to contact your congressman, but also for lesson ideas to use with your children.

Your first web stop for national information about bill progress, historical documents, and the legislative process.

Legislative Activities of the US Senate
The bulleted items on the blue bar link to detailed information on legislative activity as of the close of business yesterday. Here’s where you can follow bills that are in committee or on the floor.


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