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Missouri Homeschool Laws

Check for updates at the Missouri Department of Education website for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Home Schools.

Missouri homeschooling laws and requirements to homeschool in Missouri. 

If you live in Missouri and are ready to start homeschooling, familiarizing yourself with the state’s requirements for homeschooling is the perfect place to start. The Missouri Department of Education does not require state registration nor does it regulate or monitor homeschooling. If you’re ready, and your students are ready, you can get started!

First things first, here’s a rundown of what this article provides specifically for homeschoolers in Missouri:

  1. Homeschool Requirements
  2. Recordkeeping in Missouri
  3. Homeschool Graduation Requirements
  4. Transitioning to Public School Post Homeschool
  5. Additional Resources

Missouri Homeschool Requirements

Parents are required to:

  • Start homeschooling by age of seven.
  • Although not required, if you are withdrawing your child from a Missouri public school, parents may want to inform their public superintendent of the decision to begin homeschooling. 
  • Teach 1,000 hours of instruction each year.
  • Teach 600 of the 1000 hours in these 5 subjects: reading, math, social studies, language arts and science.
  • Teach 400 of the 600 hours “at the regular homeschool location.”
  • Maintain a written record indicating subjects taught and activities engaged in and a portfolio of samples of the child’s academic process.

Recordkeeping in Missouri

Parents will need to:

  • Keep a portfolio of their student’s work.
  • Document the instructional hours to demonstrate coverage of reading, math, social studies, language arts and science.
  • Record the 400 annual hours taught at home or the “regular home school location.”

 Missouri Homeschool Graduation Requirements

Parents may:

  • Record attendance until the age of 17.
  • Evaluate your child’s progress. There are no laws detailing what your child must achieve before they can graduate but a written transcript will be useful.
  • Familiarize their college-bound students with the requirements for admission and plan for their high school goals to meet the university’s requirement. Some examples of college admissions policies can be found on this site.

Transitioning to Public School Post Homeschool

Parents may:

  • Decide that homeschooling won’t continue until graduation and decide to enroll their child in public school.
  • Contact their school to understand the requirements for grade placement and provide grade records and transcripts. 
  • Enroll their child in public school.

External Resources

The Missouri Home Education Law

The Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo) that regulate home education and compulsory attendance are provided below. We strongly recommend you purchase our publication or CD, First Things First, to assist your compliance with our state’s law. FHE

Return to Missouri homeschooling information.


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