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Ohio Home School Laws

Ohio Education Code For Homeschooling

*This is not intended to be legal advice and is distributed for information purposes only. Check for updates on the Ohio Department of Education website.


Ohio law requires all children between the ages of six and 18 to attend school. Parents should start by notifying the superintendent of the school district where they reside about their intent to home school their child/or children. Notification should be provided no later than the first week of the start of the public school building the child would attend in the school district of residence or within one week from the child’s withdrawal from a school. (3321.04)

This is the Recommended Notification Form to submit to your local school district.

Here are the responsibilities of the district superintendent when families home school their children.

Parents agree to:

  1. Provide 900 hours of instruction per year;
  2. Notify the superintendent every year; and
  3. Provide an assessment of the students work, this link will provide the O.R.C. requirement.

Many parents think that online schools fall into the category of homeschooling, this is NOT true. In Ohio, some online schools are considered community/chartered public schools.
If the online school is out of state and you have to pay tuition,  you must register as being enrolled in an out of state school.

Find additional homeschooling information and more on the homeschool law on the Ohio Department of Education FAQ  page.

To better understand the homeschooling requirements in Ohio, I highly recommend reaching out to local homeschoolers. These homeschoolers comply with the requirements personally and can help you understand exactly what you need to to get started. 

Other Resources for Ohio Homeschoolers

College Credit Plus for Home-School Families
Great news for home-school parents! Ohio’s new College Credit Plus program gives students in grades 7-12 the chance to earn high school and college credit simultaneously by taking courses at a participating Ohio college or university. Tuition is free if your homeschool student takes classes at a public college. There may be modest fees for private college credit. The deadline is April 1 for homeschool students to let the Ohio Department of Education know they want to participate in College Credit Plus next school year, so time is critical.

EdChoice Scholarship Program
An EdChoice Scholarship allows students who are eligible to obtain a scholarship to attend a nonpublic school participating in the EdChoice program. Eligibility is based upon the performance of the public school building to which the student would be assigned or low income. EdChoice Scholarships are available to eligible home-schooled students who wish to enroll in a participating nonpublic school.

Wellington School
Sample curriculum plans from a large private school in Ohio. Your homeschool plan could look similar. Navigate to your child’s grade range.

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