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Encourage Creative Writing In Your Homeschool

What is Creative Writing?

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Creative writing is broadly defined as a form of expression that uses imagination as its main source of inspiration. It’s usually the style of writing used to create fiction pieces and poetry, although both types of literature can also stem from the author’s personal experiences.

This type of writing is normally used as an artistic way of expressing different ideas, events and emotions, and it’s because of creative writing that we have some of the world’s most loved and cherished literary pieces (can you think of your favorite books or any classics?)!

Benefits Of Creative Writing

Creative Writing has proven to be a reputable source for self-expression, and it can have a very positive impact on children’s general development. Here are some of the reasons why you should incorporate and encourage Creative Writing in your homeschool schedule:

1. This style of writing will make your child’s imagination and creativity blossom, which isn’t only great when it comes to completing Language Arts assignments. Imagination and creativity promote the development of problem solving skills, empathy and much more!
2. It’s a great tool for increasing self-esteem and confidence.
3. It builds well-rounded communication and persuasion skills.
4. Creative Writing has the power to encourage your child to keep writing, as it relies heavily on their original ideas and feelings!
5. It allows you, as the parent/educator, to find out new things about your child, and to learn more about their opinions and perspective!

Now you’re aware of some of the greatest benefits of encouraging your child to try out this form of writing, but how do you incorporate this into your everyday, homeschooling routine?

How To Use Creative Writing In Your Homeschool

Just like any other writing style, Creative Writing can sometimes be challenging, and it may not come naturally to your child. It’s important to note once again that the term Creative Writing is very general and creativity is not only reserved for this style. Other writing styles, such as Narrative Writing, Persuasive Writing and Descriptive Writing are all highly creative forms of expression!

Here are some top tips on how you can make Creative Writing fantastically fun for your child, even if they’re not a “natural”:

  1. Start off with drawing! Usually, asking your child to draw something that’s on their mind is a lot easier than asking them to write it down. Starting your homeschool day with a more relaxing and fun activity may be the perfect introduction to Creative Writing!
  2. Read to your child on a regular basis! Whether you choose to read them a bedtime story or set up a daily book club, be sure to introduce your child to the wonders of storytelling from a young age!
  3. Encourage them to write everyday. This can be keeping a diary, using different writing prompts, writing letters to loved ones or even helping out with the weekly grocery list!
  4. Play creative games. Most children love a good game! You can add Creative Writing to your homeschool routine by playing games that require some imagination and creativity! We personally love “Build a Story”, where you can start by giving your child the first 1 to 3 sentences of a story and then ask them to carry on! This can be done in spoken or written form.
  5. Try out an online writing program! Sometimes, parents need a little break from doing 100% of the work (are we right?!), so relying on online learning programs can have a truly positive impact on your child’s Creative Writing journey. We recommend Nightzookeeper.com as our go-to reading and writing program, as it’s extremely easy to use (for both kids and parents!), the content covers a full Language Arts curriculum and it has a great emphasis on developing creativity and a love for writing!

Here are some of the reasons why we love it so much, especially in relation to Creative Writing:

Night Zoo Keeper The Curriculum

The program offers a full Language Arts curriculum, managed and curated by a team of education professionals who have many years of experience. The curriculum covers all reading and writing skills taught through Grades 1 to 6, and offers different levels of difficulty to provide all children with personalized resources fit for their current ability level. This difficulty level increases as children improve their skills.

Nightzookeeper.com has homeschoolers completely covered when it comes to following a set curriculum, with their wide range of interactive lessons, challenges, games, Creative Writing prompts and projects!

The Feedback

Nightzookeeper.com does all the grading for you! The program’s feedback system links education experts to your child’s work, which means that your child can receive useful feedback on all their masterpieces, to ensure steady progression and motivation – this is an awesome way to encourage your child to give Creative Writing a try!

The Community

One of the features that sets Nightzookeeper.com apart is their amazing community. It allows children from all over the world to connect through their love for reading and writing in a completely safe online environment. This is another great way to motivate and inspire your child to write creatively, as they’ll have the chance to share their creations with other children and read each other children’s writing pieces, as well as being able to leave encouraging comments (which are also reviewed by the program’s tutors) on their writing, follow their friends and have the chance to appear on their team’s blog page!

If Nightzookeeper.com sounds like the perfect way to introduce Creative Writing to your homeschool routine, be sure to try it out! They’re offering a 7-day, risk-free trial for you to check out all the awesome activities and resources available!

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