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December Activity Calendar

Interactive December Calendar Full Of Fun

By Andrea Dillon
*This post contains affiliate links. Items purchased through our links may earn us a commission.

Are you ready for December? The new year? We are! Let’s kick off this last month of 2021 with some fun for everyone! I have a bunch of new links this year for you and your family to enjoy. Listen to some books read aloud, find some easy December crafts for kids, learn about the various holidays in December, and more in our December activity calendar! Bookmark this page to come back daily!

Click on the images to jump to that day’s activities!

Dec. 1
Dec. 2
Dec. 3
Dec. 4
Dec. 5
Dec. 6
Dec. 7
Dec. 8
Dec. 9
Dec. 10
Dec. 11
Dec. 12
Dec. 13
Dec. 14
Dec. 15
Dec. 16
Dec. 17
Dec. 18
Dec. 19
Dec. 20
Dec. 21
Dec. 22
Dec. 23
Dec. 24
Dec. 25
Dec. 26
Dec. 27
Dec. 28
Dec. 29
Dec. 30
Dec. 31

Get even more December activity ideas on our Winter Pinterest board.

Daily December Activities For Kids


December 1

Get into the festive spirit and head out to look at the lights around town. Then learn about different types of light bulbs, and make your own light bulb. Add some STEM into your day and try this holiday light circuit activity.







December 2


What does December smell like to you? Smells are one of the most common triggers for memories. For me, the smell of December is cinnamon, mainly because of the cinnamon dough we make every year.  Try it yourself! Want more? Have the kids make then No-Bake Cinnamon Rolls.













December 3


December is a great month to get in the giving spirit! Get creative with some December crafts for kids. Start with these handmade gifts kids can make or these easy gift craft ideas. We really love this fun finger crochet scarf!

Books to read:







December 4


It is National Cookie Day! Find the perfect recipe to celebrate and enjoy these comforting treats. Take it a step further with some cookie science. Add more fun with cookie games!

Books to read:







December 5


Today we are talking about snow! Do you have snow at your house? If not, make some snow of your own and start playing! Can you make a snowman? How about a snow-cat or snow-elephant? Expand the lesson and learn more about snow and other weather too.

Books to read:






December 6

Ready for a fun craft! This fun snow globe craft will be a hit and make great presents for the family! Expand the activity with some winter science experiments.

Book to read:



Today is also St. Nicholas Day.




December 7


Need some inspiration for fun?  We have some boredom busters your kids will love! We also love these get-moving videos.

Books to read:






December 8

Today we are talking mittens! Make your own mittens, try this cute mitten craft, explore some mitten science, and then listen to this story about a lost mitten.




December 9


Today is National Llama Day! “Llama” tell you about what we have planned today! First, we will listen to a story about a little llama with some holiday drama. Then we are going to watch some live llama drama and make some llama friends!






December 10


Today is Human Rights Day! What are human rights?

Youth For Human Rights and Kids Go Global have free resources to help you delve into this topic. We also cover this topic in our Talking To Kids About LGBTQ+ and How To Talk To Kids About Racism blog posts.

Books to read:







December 11


What is winter? Where is it cold? Let’s take a look in this winter unit study and play this free arctic animal gross motor game!

Books to read:






December 12


Today is Gingerbread House Day! Learn the history of gingerbread and make some of your own with help from PBS. Then check out this elaborate Gingerbread House. Want more ideas? Try some gingerbread STEM!






December 13

Why do we use candles? Learn about the history of candles and then make your own! Try this candle STEM activity. This is also a good time to discuss fire safety too. Want some safe candles for today? Try these paper towel roll candles!

Book to read:


Today is also St. Lucia Day.




December 14

Today we are talking about polar bears! Take some time to watch the San Diego Polar Cam and then learn about how they stay warm in the cold. Then make your own cute polar bear!

Books to read:







December 15

Tea time! Get cozy with a good cup of tea. We love this apple tea recipe. Then learn about the history of tea below!






December 16

Today is National Ugly Sweater Day! Break out the crayons, markers and, if you are feeling dangerous, the glitter and glue and design your own ugly sweater with this free sweater template!

Books to read:



Los Posadas starts today!





December 17

Owls! We are learning about owls today! How much do you know about these interesting birds? Watch the Great Horned Owls at the Rogers’ Place and then make this adorable snowy owl December craft.

Books to read:






December 18

Ice! What is ice? Let’s learn about ice and try some ice science experiments. Then make these fun icicles.

Books to read:


Hanukkah starts today!





December 19


The days are getting colder, so let’s warm up with some hot chocolate and try some hot chocolate science too!

Books to read:






December 20


Get everyone together for a game day! We have lots of educational game ideas for you to try. We also really love these ready-to-go ideas too!


Books to read:







December 21

Today is Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year. Create an ice lantern to light up the darkness.

Books to read:




December 22

Today we are going to relax and listen to a reading of Owl Moon. You can get extra activity ideas to expand the learning.






December 23


Cranberries are a staple winter fruit that is celebrated by many. Give some a try in these recipes or try to make some dancing cranberries! Want more? Try your hand at building a cranberry structure.

Book to read:






December 24

What do reindeer eat? Where do they live? Learn more about these wonderful animals with the San Diego Zoo. Then make these cute toilet paper roll reindeer.


Books to read:






December 25


Evergreen trees are beautiful and stand out during the winter months while all the other trees are bare and bleak. Learn more about trees and paint your own evergreen tree with this fun December craft for kids.

Books to read:

Christmas also is today! Learn more about Christmas here.





December 26

National Candy Cane Day! Explore how they are made with this video.

Then try some candy cane science!

Kwanzaa is today too!





December 27


Does your house look like a winter wonderland? Not yet? Well, we are going to fix that today with this December craft! Break out the scissors and paper and get creating paper snowflakes!


Books to read:





December 28

Storytime! Let’s listen to a story about a snowman with a big sneeze!




December 29

Family game time! Let’s play some snowball games! Then have an indoor snowball fight with crumpled paper!

Books to read:






December 30

Today I encourage you to get outside and take a walk. Look up and around at the winter trees above you. Then make some winter tree art!

Book to read:

December 31

This is it! We are ready for the new year! Grab some New Year’s Eve ideas and download our free  New Year’s Eve Printable Pack!

Books to read:






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