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New Year’s Resolutions

Ideas for a New Homeschool Perspective and Setting Resolutions In Your Homeschool

By Andrea Dillon

The first half of the school year is over! Congratulations! However, these remaining months can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if something isn’t working right in your homeschooling. Take a breath and grab your favorite drink. We will get this new year started right with some ideas for a new homeschool perspective and ways to help you create some new year’s resolutions to help your homeschool experience flourish.  


Evaluate Where You Are 

Homeschooling doesn’t mean just “winging it” with a bunch of half-hearted hopes. Even in the most relaxed homeschool, there is some improvement, planning, and normal growth of your family’s homeschool experience – children and adults – as your children mature.

The first step is to evaluate where you are and how homeschooling works for you and your family. Be honest with yourself. To help, we have the free Homeschool Resolution workbook available. This workbook will help you reflect on your homeschooling so far with questions like: 

  • What has your child accomplished?
  • What does your child need more help working on? 
  • Does your current curriculum or method meet your child’s needs? 
  • What resources could you add to help your homeschooler better? 
  • In what ways are you succeeding as a homeschool parent? 



Identify Your New Year’s Resolutions

Once you have reflected and evaluated your homeschooling journey thus far, you can begin identifying your new year’s goals and setting your resolutions. We have a section in the Homeschool Resolution workbook to help you brainstorm and start narrowing your focus. 


  • Pick no more than three resolutions to focus on to make the list achievable without being daunting.
  • Make sure you are picking realistic goals. Don’t set yourself or your homeschooler up for something that isn’t likely (like completing an entire year of math in four months or reading multiple chapter books when they struggle at that already)



Make A Plan For Change  

Change is hard. Often it seems more comfortable to cruise along, not rock the boat, to think, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” even if it does need improvements. Maybe you have been guiding your kid’s education in a certain way for years, but they aren’t thriving or enjoying their educational experience as they could. The Homeschool Resolution workbook can help target where you can improve, identify your top resolutions, and make plans to help you achieve those new year’s goals. 


Resources To Help 

Now that you have your evaluation and some idea of what your resolutions need to be from the Homeschool Resolution workbook, you will need to make an action plan on how to make these changes. The resources below can help!


Student Needs

Your student’s attitude and needs are an essential aspect of homeschool success. Make sure your child is getting enough time to explore things on their own and connect with others. 

  • Give an outlet for creativity with a makerspace to explore and build. 
  • Help them connect with other homeschoolers. 



You probably researched and spent all that time in the summer finding the perfect homeschool curriculum. So now, the thought of changing it is frustrating. However, struggling for the next few months would be worse. In the words of Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Hopefully, you haven’t found 10,000 ways, but you get the idea. With these few months finished, you have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Write down what isn’t working and look for the opposite! 

Try Something New:



Figure out when you and your homeschoolers work the best! If you are an up-and-at-them kind of family, stick to the morning hours. If you are slow risers, the afternoon may be your time. If you are busy during the day, try evening hours. Flexibility is the key to happiness when it comes to a successful homeschool schedule. We have information on how to create the perfect homeschool schedule for you and your homeschooler along with free printable schedule ideas here


Homeschool Loop Schedule Printable 
Homeschool Block Schedule Template 

Create a Daily Homeschool Schedule









Parent Needs 

Your mindset as a homeschool parent and educator is important and can make a difference in your homeschooling. Make sure you are getting your needs met. 

  • Make time for socialization for yourself. Reach out to other homeschool parents to make connections and friends that can understand and support your homeschool journey. 
  • Make time for your hobbies and education. Taking time to learn can help inspire your homeschooling energy. 
  • Schedule breaks when needed. Don’t beat yourself up for personal days. We all need days off, including the homeschool parent. 


Additional Idea On How to Address Your New Year’s Resolutions 

If you still have issues you still aren’t sure how to address, don’t fret! Talk to other homeschoolers about your goals and see what has worked for them. Reach out to support groups, and you will find a deep wealth of advice, resources, and ideas.  

Remember to go easy on yourself, whether you change all or just some of your homeschooling plan. Change is natural and needed. Most of all, remember that we are in this together. Now, go rock this new year!




Have you made any homeschool new year’s resolutions? Please share them with us in the comments below! 



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