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New Year Resolution Ideas For Kids

Ideas to help set New Year’s resolutions and New Year’s goals for kids.

By Andrea Dillon 

The new year is a time to celebrate the old and get ready for the new. With this, many decide to set new year’s resolutions. While we tend to think of adults making resolutions, kids can and should get into the action. Setting goals and working to achieve them are great ways for your homeschoolers to learn about personal responsibilities and follow through. 

It is important that your homeschooler plan and pick their own new year’s resolutions. That way, they can set achievable goals and not be easily frustrated and quit. Give some of these new year resolution ideas for kids a try to get started. 


Simple New Year’s Goals For Kids

More Elaborate New Year Resolution Ideas For Kids

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Families

Simple New Year’s Goals For Kids 

The best way to start if your children are new to the idea of resolutions is with a simple resolution sheet. We have multiple different ones below that can help. These sheets make it easy to set goals for your homeschoolers and allow them to customize some simple general goals. We want these resolutions for kids to be low pressure and achievable, so we are only focusing on three for this year.


Click the image to download the Simple New Year’s Goals For Kids Pack


After your children have their sheets completed, hang them up as a reminder throughout the year.


Ideas For Resolutions For Kids 

Brainstorming resolution ideas can be difficult so to help your homeschooler we have some simple ideas for different age groups. 


New Year Resolution Ideas for Preschool and Early Elementary 

Preschoolers and early elementary-aged children will do best with some basic goals for the year. These should be simple and intuitive goals that they can easily work into their day. 


This year I will

  • make my bed daily.
  • brush my teeth twice a day. 
  • try new foods. 
  • drink milk once a day. 
  • walk the dog once every day.


New Year Resolution Ideas for Upper Elementary and Teens

Older homeschoolers may want to set more specific goals. For the simple sheets, however, remember to make them achievable and not too daunting. 


This year I will  

  • read (set a doable number) books. 
  • take a break after (set time limit) on the (computer, tablet, gaming system, tv). 
  • make dinner or help make dinner once a week. 
  • learn (pick a new skill or hobby). 
  • join (pick a new sport or hobby group). 


More Elaborate New Year Resolution Ideas For Kids 

If your homeschooler has set resolutions before or they are wanting to try something more elaborate,  try our Resolutions For Kids workbook. This workbook will help your homeschooler identify things they are good at and things that they want to work on with the reflection pages. 

After that, they will pick their resolutions and goals, and then create a game plan to help figure out how to accomplish those in the upcoming year. This will help them think about their motivation behind setting this goal and what resources they need to work on this resolution in the upcoming year.  




New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Families 

New year’s resolutions can be hard to keep for individuals. If you, or your homeschooler, are concerned about keeping up with a yearly goal, consider trying a new year’s resolution for the entire family. Family new year’s resolutions can be fun and may even turn into long time family traditions after some time. Give some of these a try.


This year we will 

  • have weekly game nights.
  • cook together once a week.
  • volunteer time to a good cause together.
  • go on a walk together once a week.
  • listen to a new song together once a week. 
  • try one new recipe a month. 
  • turn off all screens an hour before bedtime and spend time unwinding together.
  • read a new book together once a week/month. 
  • clean the house together on a specific day of the week. 
  • save money to buy (insert something the family wants). 


These are just ideas to help you get started. Brainstorm together as a family for ideas that fit your family’s interests and schedule. Remember that this is a family goal. Let everyone have input and be a part of the resolution throughout the year.


Completing Your Resolutions

Whether you decided on new year’s resolutions for kids or the entire family, remember to make sure you are having fun. Goals and resolutions shouldn’t be overly burdensome, and you should look forward to them throughout the year. If they become a hardship, don’t feel bad for letting them go. While learning both goal planning and responsibility is important for growth, you can also learn when to make changes and abandon ideas that need to go. Don’t look at it as quitting but as learning how to be flexible when needed.

Now go make this new year amazing!



Do you want to evaluate how your homeschooling is going? Are you looking to make changes in your homeschooling? Try our Homeschool Resolution Notebook. Click the image below to check it out.

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