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Homeschool Math Curriculum Comparison

Best Homeschool Math Curriculums and Programs for 2022

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Choosing a curriculum for a child can be a nightmare for parents, especially for those who are far from the education system, who are preparing their first child for school, etc. These parents seek textbooks and more, such as online programs for learning, sources for additional training, videos, lectures, etc. Therefore, it is not surprising that parents begin their search well in advance. The more scrupulous of them seek advice from specialists as well.

Moreover, optimizing the learning process for the child’s requirements allows you to approach the choice even more consciously. For children with special learning needs, tests are available to determine the type of personality, which psychologists carry out to identify the psychotype and the corresponding learning style. This approach is to help children get the most out of their lessons and for parents not worry about the future and psycho-emotional state of their homeschoolers.


Online vs. Offline

When choosing a homeschool math curriculum, the first question to be answered is where to look for it: among online solutions or traditional offline ones. And here, the main thing is not to succumb to the trend of translating all processes into digital. There are several reasons for this.

First, your child may refer to the type who is better at absorbing information from live speech and tactile interaction with textbooks, notebooks, and pens.

Second, it depends on how willing you are to help your child learn. If you are rarely at home or are not ready to set aside a few hours for homeschooling. In those cases, it might be better to choose an offline solution because technical problems or difficulties in material reviewing in a digital environment may arise even with the child’s full independence and the teacher’s competence. Also, the child may not be ready for independent study lessons conducted using AI or VR.

If your toddler or teenager is well-versed in the e-learning environment, learns the material with the help of visual effects, and you can take the time to help, if necessary, you can safely consider online programs.

If you are still determining the best option, take a hybrid approach that will directly assess the advantages and disadvantages of both online and offline.


Homeschool Math Curriculum and Programs

Singapore Math


Singapore Math is known for its unconventional approach to teaching children. Many people think that this solution is a privilege for gifted children, who tend to master mathematical concepts faster than their peers from birth. However, it is not. This approach is a godsend for kids who need a little more time to learn concepts, formulas, or processes. 

Firstly, the learning process in Singapore Math itself provides for leisurely and in-depth study. Children do not return to sections after successfully passing the placement test. And in the case of an unsatisfactory assessment, they review the topic repeatedly until they master it thoroughly, even if their peers have gone far ahead. The main thing here is quality, not speed. Secondly, it is not cramming that develops here, but a deep understanding of the topic with the search for all possible solutions. 

E Singapore Math curriculum provides online lessons from grade K through grade 5.


Saxon Math

The Saxon Math Program is designed to teach from preschool age. Several tutorial series covers:

  • arithmetic,
  • basic mathematics for primary grades,
  • algebra,
  • geometry,
  • advanced mathematics for high school students.

An incremental approach idea is like those of microlearning – students master topics in small pieces and can combine some advanced concepts with basics if needed, and vice versa. This way, children are free of the stress of potentially missing the understanding of some concepts. They can always go back or look forward to finding a link between things they try to learn.

Saxon Math offers plenty of practice materials as well, both online and offline, to consolidate the material passed.


Jump! Math

Jump Math is designed for the collaboration of adults and children. It is built on a playful approach, even in complex sections. It will be difficult for children, especially primary school students, to figure it out on their own, so parents should provide for a joint pastime while studying or allocate a budget for attracting a tutor.

A non-standard approach, based more on in-depth practice than on theory, implies application as complementary education or in combination with any standard school curriculum.


RightStart Mathematics 

RightStart Mathematics is a basic program designed to work with manipulators (abacus, counting sticks, and other objects designed to visualize simple mathematical operations). It does not provide for students to study the material on their own. The presence of a tutor, school teacher, or parent who will guide the child is required.

There is one important RightStart Math and Singapore math comparison feature – the spiral approach to material mastering. Here is no coming back to the topics passed as well. So, RightStart Math implies the in-depth study of each chapter without frequent reviewing. 

Even though the program offers an online solution, your toddler will still spend substantial time with physical objects, including a notebook and pen.


Math U See

Math U See is another curriculum designed to work with manipulators, contains a game format for transferring information, and implies a spiral approach to learning. Still, its main feature is the ease of communicating basic and advanced mathematical concepts in an accessible form. The design of textbooks and workbooks is laconic and done in black and white.

Each chapter is divided into the smallest possible parts, which allows you to advance in the smallest possible steps. It helps maintain the motivation and psychological well-being of children who have difficulty with math learning.

This program involves working with an adult and offers digital solutions as well.


When choosing a homeschool math curriculum for your child, be it elementary school or high school, rely on your child’s personal needs and perceptions.

Do not rely on detailed guides and gamification in paper and digital textbook design to be sufficient for self-study by your child.
Remember that every child can master even the most complex mathematical concepts and operations – the one single condition is to choose a program or a combination of programs and approaches that are right for them and a mentor who will competently guide them.



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E Singapore Math curriculum provides students with access to high-quality instruction and a state-of-the-art technology platform that enables them to learn at their own pace and achieve well beyond their grade level. E Singapore Math curriculum includes over 800 lessons and over 10,000 exercises and assessments. These resources are embedded into this modern instructional technology that helps motivate young students to achieve their true potential.


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